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Mikey’s Top Ten Rules for Buffets – Part 1

by Mikey

Now that we have put a buffet review out there I thought I’d give ya’ll a few rules to go by next time you hit up a buffet. We’re not talking Hometown Buffet or Lester’s Chicken and More. We’re talking good quality great food kinda buffets.

Top Ten Buffet Rules: 10-6

10 – The first thing you need to learn for buffets is the don’t sit down and get comfortable rule. Many people get a table then sit down put there feet up, talk about how hot it is. You should have taken care of all the getting to know you crap in line. All you need to know is where is the table and where are the plates. As you are moving let the station waitress know what you want to drink.

9 – The next rule is now that your heading out to the food find the biggest plates. Don’t grab the bread plate or desert plate. Get the biggest plate you can find. You’re not doing anyone any good holding a tiny salad plate.

8 – Are you heading towards the salad line? You better not be. You don’t eat salad at a buffet. You wanna try the produce? Then get a steak. Wanna try the pre-made salads? Then get some prime rib. The problems with salads are that they take up room for meat plus you lose valuable time being stuck behind the old lady who can’t decide between the broccoli and the cauliflower. Salads involve too much time. Get out of the salad line now!

7 – Ok you’re back on course now heading for the real food. Most buffets break up the meat from the pastas and international foods. First thing you want on your plate is steak if they have a steak set up or prime rib. This is also the time you want to get your ham. Organize your sides accordingly. You don’t want to have chow mein and mashed potatoes on the same plate. They get all angry and start kung fu fighting in your stomach. Keep your sides organized correctly or your stomach will make sure you regret it.

6 – Can I line hop? Of course you can. What are you gonna do wait in every single line? You want to get pasta and the person in front of you is standing there wondering if Cajun shrimp sizzles with an accent. Oh hell no! Get in front of that guy your steaks getting cold!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the second part. Get yourself out to a buffet and practice. These rules can save your life!

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Turf Supper Club and new beginnings…

by Brian

Hey everyone,  I’m sure at least a few of you have noticed that I haven’t posted in almost three weeks.  For those of you who haven’t, you must just visit the site because of Mikey’s unwavering dedication.  The reason that I haven’t been posting is that I’ve been pretty busy lately.  I moved to San Diego and started law school.  Today was actually my first day of real classes, and I just got done with my reading, so I figured I’d give you guys my first San Diego food review as a local.  Here we go…

Turf Supper Club – Golden Hill

Turf is your traditional dive bar.  That’s not to say that it is dirty or slum-like in any way; it’s very dark and just conveys that old-school vibe that you would associate with a dive.  The aforementioned lighting, red booths and old movies playing on the TV discourage the yuppie crowd from putting in an appearance and the resulting group is a blend of locals with a slight influx of hipster.

photo 3

I found this place through my friend Alexis, who lives in (or on?) Golden Hill.  She conned me into helping her unload her moving van this past weekend by offering free food and beer.  What starving college student can say no to that? Continue reading

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This One’s For The Moms Out There…

by Brian

Because I’m a horrible son, I’m going to be out of town this Sunday.  Lucky for me, my Mom still manages, somehow, to love me.  In fact, she let me take her out for a pre-mother’s day dinner in order to make up for being such a jerk.  I decided that I’d better make it a good one, so I decided to go to Westlake’s answer to Mastro’s in Thousand Oaks:  The Grill on the Alley.


Continue reading

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Ruth’s Chris and St. Supery Wines

by Brian

Few things in this world have as much power to bring happiness as good food, fine wine and great friends.  When all three happen to converge on a single night, the results have been known to cause withdrawal in all but the most stoic of our species.  I have been hesitant to write this review for the fear that I cannot possibly be eloquent enough to do it justice.  Still, we soldier on… Continue reading


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Where for art thou Steak Kings?

by Mikey

Do you guys remember when Sizzler and Black Angus used to be the kings of steak and potato’s?  If you wanted steak and shrimp with a baked potato those were the places you would go.  Sizzler had that great cheese toast.  I used to think there was crack in that cheese crust and I could never get enough of it.  Sizzler has fallen a long way down.  It was once a proud steak house where the people got together for a killer salad bar, great steaks and even great fried shrimp. Fresh baked potato’s covered in butter and sour cream made it the best all-you-can-eat joint around.  Who doesn’t remember all you can eat night at the Sizzler? Continue reading


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A little bit of everything

by Mikey


So tonight, on this gorgeous Sunday, I wanted to rest up the pallet a bit and give you a buffet of items I have on my A-Team TV tray.  

First off who’s watching Hells Kitchen?  Do you have a favorite chef?  I kinda feel chef-wise this seems like a weak group.  I love watching people cry though.  I think it stems from some repressed anger from second grade, but my favorite part of these shows isn’t the food; it’s the stress, ridicule, sadness, and the sheer awesomeness of watching somebody completely break down inside.  For those watching, they finally got rid of Seth who I am not sure could hack it at Burger King.  After watching Top Chef I feel like there is a complete lack of culinary talent on this show. I just gotta hope people keep crying.   Continue reading


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