Eat Me, California!

by Brian

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We are kicking off the blog on valentine’s day, not only because it’s the day where all of you are out to dinner, but also because today is about love.  And there’s nothing I love more than food!  In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I have started a vegan (almost) diet, so I probably won’t be able to fall off the wagon more than once a week to give you great posts on the most decadant food Cali can offer.

Since today is a holiday, and a good food one at that, I cheated on the whole vegan deal.  So here’s our first review in all it’s shining glory…

Pioneer Chicken on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood/Silverlake

So this is a place where I’d never eaten, but I was craving some fried goodness, so for valentines day I decided to indulge and take a ride down to Hollywood get my fix.

This place does fried chicken, plain and simple.  But like any good former franchise restaurant, the menu contains a fairly ecclectic mix of all foods.  They have mexican food, hamburgers, and even ribs, but we stuck to the fried chicken and I suggest you do the same.

The best part about the fried chicken is the batter.  With just the right blend of spices and crispyness, I could eat it all day.  The chicken was a little bland inside for my taste, but because of the batter I was more than willing to forgive and forget.  The sides I got were average.  The biscuit was fluffy but nothing special.  The mashed potatoes were decent.  But the highlight of the meals was the spicy rice.  It had great jalapeno flavor and I would definitely recommend it to the spicy food fans out there.

The decor of the restaurant is pretty shabby and the dining area is small.  There were 3 different radio stations playing (2 mariachi, 1 80’s hip-hop) at the same time which was a bit distracting.  I ate quickly and got back in the car, because the less time you spend in the restaurant, the less likely you’ll be seeing your car up on blocks in the parking lot.

Also, if you’re into dessert, you’ll be disappointed in Pioneer.  The menu advertises their lonely dessert:  Cookie – 45cents.  But if you’re going to Pioneer for the cookies, you’re kinda missing the point.

All in all, I think I’ll take my pioneer to go.  That way I can enjoy the greasy, guilty pleasure in the comfort of my own living room.  Plus, I get to keep my hood ornament.


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4 responses to “Eat Me, California!

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  2. Fergus McCool

    I recommend you review Honey’s Kettle in Culver City for fried chicken. Definitely try the biscuits, and the catfish (and its dipping sauce) 🙂

  3. Fergus McCool

    By the way, reviewing Pioneer Chicken is one of the most oddly amusing thing I’ve seen on a food blog. I grew up in L.A. with Pioneers all over the place. The chicken is larger than the colonel’s. Now they all have Mexican food, too. Ha.

    Maybe it’s all you can eat chicken night at Dinah’s in Culver City for you next. Hee hee!

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