Return of the Natural Cafe

by Brian

Hey everybody, it was a long weekend for me so I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet.  Today, I decided to hit up the Natural Cafe in Thousand Oaks.  It’s got a totally different vibe from the Simi location, which is nice.  Plus, where else can you see a skinny, hippy lookin’ white kid go from eating vegan food to rollin’ a Range Rover on dubs in 2.5 seconds.  Gotta love T.O.

Natural Cafe – Westlake Blvd, West of the 101 in Thousand Oaks.

So last time I posted on Natural Cafe, I wasn’t super impressed with the food.  Today, I decided to give them another chance and also broaden my horizons in the process.  I ordered the natural burger, which is a veggie burger, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what is in it.  If any of you guys know what is in a veggie burger, leave it in the comments.

Sorry this pic sucks, had to use the cell cam.

Sorry this pic sucks, had to use the cell cam.

So I ordered, and started to look around the restaurant while I waited.  The first thing I noticed was that this restaurant has a great outdoor patio area.  Unfortunately it was packed, so I ended up getting my food to go.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Along with my natural burger, I ordered a cup of hearty vegetable soup which comes with this awesome chunk of wheat bread.  I think in terms of the meal as a whole, the bread was my favorite part.  It has a bunch of seeds on the crust like sunflower and pumpkin, which give it a crunch that most bread lacks.  The soup was pretty good too.  It was a tomato broth base and had large chunks of celery, tomato, carrot and red potato.  I’m actually wishing I had another cup of it right now.

The natural burger was a little disappointing.  Maybe it’s just because I am not well versed in veggie burgers.  It had a decent consistency and was not dried out, but that’s where the compliments end.  The bun had no flavor, the red onion was half cooked, and the veggie patty was a little on the cool side.  It’s weird, but I think the hotter the patty, the more air-like the veggie burger.  Thoughts?

Well, I gotta say that next time I think I’ll try one of the other burger options on the menu.  I think that the turkey burger is the next in line.  Unless you guys have other suggestions.

One last thing, I am making this week a weight loss week.  Believe it or not, eating out all of the time can cause weight gain.  And not healthy, 20-inch-biceps weight gain either.  I’m talking about spilling out onto the belt buckle, needing to be lubed up to get through the doorway weight here.

Therefore, I am planning on doing all of my posts this week on healthy options.  Whether at health food restaurants, or just trying to make healthy choices for any restaurant that isn’t McDonald’s.  P.S. – If you haven’t seen Supersize Me, rent it.  It pretty much outlines what my body has done since starting this blog.

Thanks for letting me get away with the short post tonight.  Take it easy and keep it healthy.


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7 responses to “Return of the Natural Cafe

  1. Kim

    You need to try their chicken enchiladas….bueno.

  2. I love Natural Cafe. I was a fan when they were only located in SB and was stoked to see them come out our way. I like the atmosphere, the people, the fact that they use real utensils and glasses and the food.

    Natural Cafe’s veggie burger is a soy based burger. I do not like the soy patties. I think they are more aptly described as ‘fake burger’ and that is not what I’m looking for in a veggie burger. I find I like the Garden Burger veggie patty. It is made with mostly rice and cheese and not intended to be fake meat. Which is just yucky. Is yucky a technical term?

    I really, really like the soup, bread, roasted turkey sandwich, baked potatoes and brown rice at Natural Cafe. My daughters LOVE the hummus. They will order just that for dinner. It comes with pita and veggies. Husband likes the fish tacos. Oh and the albacore sandwich is awesome.

    I’m not a nutritionist, but as far as the weight loss thing goes, I’ve learned it’s all about calories in -vs- calories out. Making small changes you can successfully eat out anywhere and not gain weight. If it is high calorie, eat less. Or drop the cheese, bacon and cream sauces when it really isn’t needed. Start asking for and reading nutritional content. It will scare you. Healthy doesn’t always mean lower calorie.

  3. k

    The Counter will be opening in Westlake soon. When you go, try their veggie burger. It is BIZARRE.

    I’ll have to see if you’ve been to The Counter in Santa Monica yet or Father’s Office. You must go there when you aren’t doing the health thing anymore…

    • Thanks K,
      I do need to hit up the counter. Veggie burgers, for me, have been kind of a mixed bag. I don’t know that BIZARRE is what I’m looking for, but I do what I can for the people.

  4. Natural cafe sucks ass. there has to be better options for healthy food. screw this place and go to the brazilian place next door – Gallettos – they are so great. get some balls and get some beef!

  5. Unidentified

    Honestly, the natural cafe is not even healthy food, it’s just bland enough to call healthy. Not to mention the roaches crawling around the kitchen, rude employees, horrible management, and horrible feedback from the corporate office. Is kelly brown aware of his business turning into a shithole? Trust me, the food is not getting any better than that disgusting zen burger(possibly natural or good karma burger) sorry!

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