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Two thumbs up baby!
Two thumbs up baby!


The 70’s brought us many wonderful things: Star Wars, shag carpet, the Bee Gee’s, the Brady Bunch, and most important his royal largeness Mikey.  Delivered to us in the middle of the night on a bed of twinkies from the gods of cakes and pies.

Mikey has been a Ventura County resident for close to 16 years now.  He took an oath to bring down the establishment, fight the power, and deliver man-kind from evil.  He put that all on hold for awhile though, in order to bring you the best in food reviews from all around California and especially Ventura County.

Now you’re asking yourself, “Is he qualified to bring me the best in food reviews?”

The answer is of course he is!  Look at him.  He’s huge!  The boy can eat. Plus, he has spent some years as a pizza chef, prep cook, server, host, and pie cook right here in Ventura.  I’ve had a few of his dishes and he is most certainly a master of red meat, a jedi with potatoes and he bakes a mean pie too.

10 Urban Legends Surrounding the Mysterious Mikey

Can you seperate the truth from the bald faced lies?

1. Mikey once had to help a hippo pass a strawberry twizzlers at the San Diego Zoo.

2. Mikey’s only weakness is flying monkeys.

3. Mikey can drink 3 times as much beer as mortal men because he has 3 livers.

4. Mikey and Al Gore came up with the internet while doing body shots off Gina Gershon.

5. Mikey once escaped from an island by shaving “help me” into his back hair using a shell and coconut oil.

6. Mikey invented the purple horseshoes in Lucky Charms.

7. Mikey was actually the first man to walk the surface of Mars and reported that it’s kind of humid, like Bakersfield.

8. Mikey once told Sammy Hagar he could drive 55 if he would just believe in himself.

9. Mikey has been told by 14 separate Chinese restaurant owners that “he could not sleep here!”

10. Mikey has a third nipple that is actually a portal into an alternate  universe where Carrot Top is funny.

Mikeys 10 myths about fat guys

  1. Fat guys will eat anything. Untrue – we hate this myth, fat guys only consume those things that make them feel sexy. For example, fat guys do not eat cow tongue cause theres nothing sexy about cow tongue.
  2. Fat guys don’t like vegatables. Untrue – Fat guys like anything that can be covered in cheese. Vegatables can certainly be cheesified.
  3. Fat guys are not allowed in Chinese Buffets. Untrue – Fat guys receive gold lettered invitations to buffets ‘cuz nobody makes a buffet look better than a fat guy.
  4. A fat guy killed JFK. Untrue – This was a conspiracy theory created by Jenny Craig.
  5. Fat guys are horrible lovers. Untrue – We love our women like we love a good lasagna. Every kiss is long, passionate, and sensual. Just like every bite is passionate, sensual, and cheesy.
  6. Fat guys are not romantic. Untrue – A Fat guy will cook you a romantic dinner with dessert, and will listen to you talk about your day while he eats.
  7. Fat guys have low self esteem. Untrue – We are large and in charge!
  8. Fat guys can’t rate food.  They eat massive amounts too fast. Untrue – Fat guys have an exceptional pallet that enables them to seperate each morsel almost surgically and examine each one, along with 40 different flavor combinations, making them the best food critics.
  9. Fat guys are not fat they are just big boned. Untrue – If bones were that big we would be building shit with them.  Nope it’s actually all specially designed muscle.  Just like the great white shark the fat guy is geneticly engineered to hunt and devour its prey.
  10. Skinny people secretley wish they could be fat. I tried my hardest to debunk this myth but after several polls,  scientific tests with beakers, electricity, and a really angry midget, I found this to be in fact true.
Only thing cooler then kettle corn is that ladies hat!

Only thing cooler then kettle corn is that ladies hat!










Flying rat is headed towards a neck punch!

Flying rat is headed towards a neck punch!






9 responses to “About Mikey

  1. Bonnie

    Hi guys,

    Love your stuff! Wanted to know if you’ve stopped by Fiamme in Thousand Oaks? (used to be Alessio’s). It’s got an AWESOME race car simulator (SimCast) which is used by drivers to train in the off season. They say it’s the only one west of the Rockies. Owner Jerry White has been posting about it.

    Would love to see your thoughts on their food and fun.

    • Mikey

      Thanks Bonnie!

      We haven’t gone there yet, but I put it on my list and I’m going to make sure we do. I love going to places that have extra stuff and a race car simulator would rock. Thanks again Bonnie.

  2. Bonnie

    You bet! can’t wait to hear what you think.

  3. Mikey….I love you. I’m sitting here cracking up at how stupid you are….Infact I’m reading this out loud to my family because of your….fantastic imagination. xoxoxoxo keep on eating my brotha.

  4. Liz

    I happen to know that urban myth #2 is true! LOL!

  5. Tiffany Curtis

    for chinese food you need to check out a place in the valley called China express….. super inexpensive (4.50 for two item plate) and they pile the food in mountains so you get an actually serving of the chinese food that gives you leftovers for the next day rather than the two pieces of orange chicken you normally get for twice the price. its on canoga on the left before parthenia. kind of tricky to park in their small lot too

  6. Mikey…what’s up buddy! I have seen ALL of your old party pics! CLASSIC! I feel like I know you already! How are Jaz and Bell?
    1st, I am definitely going to link your site on my blog….you guys need to create some sort of like cool button so I can put it on and anyone can jump to your site 24-7!
    2nd…Ever been to Lupe’s? It’s in Thousand Oaks, they just reopened after a remodel….some seriously good food…check it out!
    and 3rd….your flying rat….ever notice how you never see seagulls near a Chinese Restaurant…I give you….Chicken on a Stick!

    • Mikey

      Whats goin down Erin, you said you saw all the party pics? Even the ones with the moose and the colt 45? Thanks for linking up with us! My ladies are doin fine eating me out of house and home.

      • The moose and the colt 45 are NOTHING compared to the ones I’ve seen. Lampost, the beach, parties, I couldn’t even guess at the amount of liquor consumed! Ton of fun I am sure, I shouldbe jealous that I wasn’t involved in all the antics!

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