If at first you don’t succeed, try another omelette.

by Brian

For those of you who are just joining us, I have been on an Odyssey of sorts in the past week.  I have gone off in search of a decent vegetarian omelette.  This may not seem like something worth pursuing, but I would beg to differ.  At a minimum, it has at least proven to be an entertaining search, with hair in one omelette (don’t click the link Michelle) and what could best be described as an egg frisbee for omelette #2.

Now that you’re all caught up on my omelette adventures, I can safely move on to my latest attempt.  Special thanks are due to Amy, one of our great readers and the author of Parenting With Duct Tape, for suggesting this latest restaurant.  I think we found a winner.   

Country Harvest Restaurant – Newbury Park


My first impression of this place was that it looked like a vegas buffet mixed with grandmas living room.  I can’t really explain it, but the purple carpet with the fireworks pattern reminded me of eating steak and eggs whilst completely bombed at 3am on the strip.  Ah, memories…

The grandma’s living room part had more to do with the fact that there were giant stuffed rabbits throughout the restaurant, which just felt a little creepy.  Maybe I’ve just seen Donnie Darko one too many times. 

See the feet?  This was above my table.

See the feet? This was above my table.

Since I didn’t really go there for the decor, I was willing to let these minor transgressions slide.  The place seemed clean and comfortable though.

I was greeted at the door by the guy who ended up being my server.  He was almost too happy, but compared to the the last experience I had, I was just happy to be acknowledged.  He immediately sat me and took my drink order.  I asked for a glass of water and he brought me one that could probably have been more accurately described as a pitcher.  I love it when places bust out the big glasses.

I ordered the vegetarian omelette which had mushroom, onion, bell pepper and tomato along with wheat toast and their home fries.  My meal was on the table in eight minutes.  Not bad.  So far, this was going pretty well.  Now, if only the food could avoid sucking.


The omelette was not too dry and the ingredients were all cooked to my liking.  If I had one complaint it would be that they were a little cheap with the tomato and mushroom.  The toast was toast, pretty hard to screw that up (although I have seen it done).  But the home fries were the star of the show.  They were perfectly cooked; crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, they needed neither salt nor pepper.  After Brent’s pathetic attempt and Harold’s hodgepodge, it was nice to finally see Shakespeare the way it was meant to be played.

The prices were lower than both Brent’s and Harold’s, and although they don’t give you as much food, I take quality over quantity any day.  Even with less, I still had enough leftover to take home a little snack.

The bar has now been set for veggie omelettes on EatMeCalifornia.  Country Harvest is the new leader, but that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on my quest.  On the contrary, this has only served to increase my determination.  In honor of the approaching baseball season, a metaphor: this was an 0-2 pitch lined into the gap for a double.  Next at bat, I’m looking for my homerun pitch.

For the readers out there who find veggie omelettes irrelevant, (Mikey?) consider this:  If you can make a veggie omelette taste good, imagine what you can do by adding a little meat and cheese to the equation.  And for those of you who want more “meaty” posts, stay tuned in the next few days because I fell off the vegan wagon last night at Ruth’s Chris, and landed right on some foie gras among other sinful things.  I guarantee you will not want to miss my next post.

Until then, keep eating and keep sending us your comments and suggestions.


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10 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, try another omelette.

  1. I dont have to click the link! just the words “hair in one omelette” are sufficient wretchers for me! But glad you found a place you liked! Try finding one in West Hills. Tom and I never can find a good brunch over here! Keep up the good work!

  2. Kim

    I think Country Harvest is one of the worst, most pedestrian restaurants ever…. just my two cents. Glad you liked their omelette! lol Ever been to Eggs n Things? I’ve been there but never had an omelette there. Somthing else to try in your quest?

  3. Chris

    Hey Brian,

    An old friend from the LAB (Welty)…i’m liking your website. I seem to be stopping by everyday or every other day! Nicely done…but it is GREAT to hear you are done with the whole ridiculous vegan thing…now on to some REAL food..cant wait for you to tell me where the good meaty omelettes are!

    • Chris, great to hear from you and thanks for being a loyal reader. If you have any suggestions for restaurants, let us know. I am still committed to eating healthy, but I will be making some allowances for the site. The post that will go up tommorrow is going to talk about the crazy meal I had the other night at Ruth’s Chris. It is not to be missed.

  4. Hey Brian, thanks for the shout out! I agree with your review. I can add two things: first the chicken fried steak and gravy are the bomb. Second is that being someone who has an entourage that includes 3 squirming little rug rats I count the grandma feel and the heavy prescense of actual grandmas as a bonus. The decorations thrill the crap out of the kidletts and if I want to unleash the walking baby most everyone is more than happy to pinch her cheeks and exclaim over her cuteness while I finish my meal. Family friendly is key at this juncture of my insane, I mean, oh so blessed life.

    • You said the magic words. I believe that you can accurately judge the quality of a breakfast place by their chicken fried steak. Biscuits and gravy are a close second.

      Also, I normally disapprove of people who let their kids run roughshod over a restaurant. However, since we have a bit of a bond now, I’ll let it slide.

      P.S. – Tell Dean he needs to drop a comment every now and then too.

      P.P.S. – That “Jack the Rabbit” vid is classic, yet classy.

  5. Good veggie omelettes I have had are at Mimi’s Cafe – there is one that tastes like they dumped spinach dip inside of the eggs. So good! The other place I like is cheesecake factory on sundays since that is the only day they serve eggs. let me know what you think

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  7. Megan

    Hi Brian,

    You have to go to Stellas in Newbury Park. (I don’t think I saw a review on here yet for that.) I haven’t had the veggie omelet but everything I’ve gotten there has been greasy and delicious (worthy of a slot in the top ten hangover food list). What I like, is since their omelets are so huge, you can do a legal split.. where you and your dining partner split the omelet but get your own full set of sides (potatoes rock!!)

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