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Urth Caffe – The Center of the Coffee Universe

by Brian

All this bad eating has been catching up with me lately.  All the ribs, burritos and desserts have left me in a food coma that has pretty much taken away my will to write.  But still, we soldier on, because there are so many more places that we need to try and places that you need to know about.

In the next month, I will be moving to San Diego and hopefully giving you guys some great insights into the food down there.  Mikey will continue to hold it down in the Ventura/L.A. areas and we may even be looking to add on some freelancers.  I’ll leave that last part up to Mikey, since he’s the brains of the operation.  Instead, I’ll just tell you about a little coffee shop I visited last weekend in Santa Monica.

Urth Caffe – On Main St. in Santa Monica

I think there are a few of these around, but it’s not a big chain so I figured I could review it for the site.  This place is like a bar, except instead of booze and drunken wannabes it has organic coffees and caffeinated wannabes.  It’s actually a pretty cool place and I stopped in with some friends to grab a coffee and some dessert.

This is in Santa Monica, right on main, so it’s a trendy spot.  They even have a valet to park your car for you.  I really wish Mikey and I had pulled up in his fly hoopty instead of showing up in my buddy’s tricked out truck.  But maybe it was better that way.  I felt like we only got into the place due to the coolness of my friend’s ride. (Thanks, J)

This place is hipster central.  It’s swarming with emo kids and their Risky Business Ray Bans and cute girls meeting their “producer” boyfriends.  But if you can get past all that, I think it’s worth a visit.  First off, their coffee and teas are excellent, but the main reason I’d go is just to eat some more of their awesome desserts.

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Cafe Fiore Has It All

by Brian

I usually leave Ventura reviews for Mikey, since he’s local and all.  But last Friday night I got an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.  My friend Tiffany happens to be friends with the executive chef at Cafe Fiore and since I was craving a little decadence, I decided to give Fiore the EatMeCalifornia treatment.

Cafe Fiore – On California St. near Main, in Downtown Ventura

What ended up happening was that EatMeCalifornia got the Fiore treatment.  We arrived right on time for our 8 o’clock reservation and were whisked away to a nice little booth in the back of the restaurant.  The place was packed with 20-30 somethings drinking cocktails and having a great time.  I instantly loved the vibe of this place and it didn’t hurt that it was gorgeous too.  The look is rustic, with high ceilings, dark wood and wine racks everywhere.  It reminded me a lot of what the guys over at Cafe Firenze were trying to accomplish, but this smaller, more intimate space carries it off even better than Fabio and his crew have managed. Continue reading

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Eat This Donut Now! Eat It!

by Brian

This post is going to be short and sweet.  There is a donut that is king of all donuts.  All other donuts bow down to this donut and pay homage.  This donut lives in an unsuspecting little donut shop in Thousand Oaks.  It is a magical land of donut-tty goodness.

Fresh Donuts – In the Trader Joe’s shopping center at the corner of Arboles and Moorpark Rd.

This place is not glamorous, it’s just a little shop on the corner next to PJ’s pub.  And that is fine by me.  I wasn’t even going to share this place with the general public, but the more I thought about it, the more apparent it became that I would be doing the world a disservice by keeping it to myself.

The donut that I always buy is the chocolate old fashioned.  This picture does not do it justice. Continue reading


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If you’re a little crazy then get on the short bus and follow me to the nut house!

by Mikey

Did you say nuts?

Did you say nuts?

 Here’s what I want you to do. Get your crazy sister that knits her own clothes, get your nutty neighbor who has his own gas powered leaf blower, and get your craziest best friend who is training to be a mime and picks fights with red headed midgets and take a nice little car ride down the old part of the 118 through Somis and meet me at the Somis nut house.

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