Edo Sushi & Grill

by Mikey

I’ve been on a pretty good run of luck sushi places.  I was hoping it would not end at Edo.  I wanted them to be good mostly because they are not far from my place.  It’s always good to have great food around you and, for the most part, what’s around me is average at best.  I opened the door to go in and realized I might have made a mistake.  It was just me, the sushi chef, the waitress, and the thought that I should have gone for Italian.  Nobody else was in the place.

Edo sushi & Grill – Ventura on Telegraph and Victoria










I went ahead and took this order to go.  I don’t really like being the only one in a place ’cause then I feel guilty and order more then I’ll eat.  Plus, they were staring at me.  They either were glad to see me ’cause fat guys order a lot of sushi, or because they wanted to add me to the menu as a Mikey Roll.

I went with a simple sashimi plate to try the fish and then two special rolls: the albacore delight, and their version of the crunch roll.  Thank goodness it didn’t take very long because I felt like the monkey at the zoo, with one nipple, that everyone stares at.

As for the fish, I was worried right away because the tuna was warm.  I like it a little below room temperature and was hoping this was not tuna that was hanging out on the bar for awhile.  It was a little tangy and had an odd texture so I didn’t eat much of it.  The albacore was pretty good and the yellowtail was excellent.

Their crunch roll is simple and delicious and has a great sweet sauce that they add to it.  The shrimp was in good order and the crab was tasty.  It’s a pretty good roll and I think most people wanting to try sushi would enjoy it.

The albacore delight was ok.  A very powerful vinegar flavor eliminated most of the other flavors in this roll.  It had this odd tang and the albacore was really the only good part about it.  The rest of the roll was just off for some reason.

The one cool thing they do is they put up a little green fence in your to-go box to keep the ginger and wasabi from stealing your roll’s lunch money and keeping the flavors from mixing.  I’ve had a couple to-go orders at other places where the wasabi bullied my roll and took over. I like to be the master of my meal by putting on my own wasabi.  I don’t like the wasabi making the choice for me.

This joint is not too bad.  They have some decent meals and some good fish, but the bottom line is with so many sushi choices you have to separate yourself. When your tuna is off and there’s just nothing on the menu to make people want to come in every night, you may just get one fat guy strollin’ in to try some stuff out.  You don’t want that.  I don’t want that.  Obama doesn’t want that.

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