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Best Appetizer of 2009 and maybe of all time…

by Brian

I will be very happy when Time Warner decides to give Mikey his cable and internet back.  I’ve been relegated to stealing internet from neighbors just to get posts up and I must say that it sucks the big one.  So anyway, I apologize for missing last night’s post and hope that this one will make it up to you.

Also, I don’t have pics of this place because I only had my cameraphone and this restaurant was darker than Wesley Snipes, so sorry.

Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Lounge– In the Janss Mall on Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks

So I went out last night to see Angels & Demons with a friend.  Before we saw the film, which I was disappointed in quite frankly, we decided to stop in at Sunset Terrace to have a couple drinks and some dinner.

Sunset is a little dark even in the day.  The furnishings are nice, but the lack of light makes the bar seem out of place considering it’s in a mall in Thousand Oaks.  Still, they are always busy and right next to the theater so it’s a great place to get drinks before a show.  I personally need at least 3 beers before seeing anything with Tom Hanks. Continue reading


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Deadliest Catch and the King Crab

by Brian

So last night’s episode was a bit of a filler, but Mikey gave me such a hard time for breezing through the review last week that I feel like I owe you something half-way decent.  Here goes…

We left off last week with Capt. Keith of the Wizard having his 18 million ton boat come crashing down on his head whilst trying to fix the damn thing.  Honestly, isn’t this something you pay someone else to do?  It’s called delegating.  Learn it, use it, love it.  Continue reading


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Last of the Great Fat Guys on Hells Kitchen

by Mikey

Hell’s kitchen continued right where we left it last week, with Gordon telling the chefs he’s closing down Hells Kitchen.  We all gasp at this incredible announcement, right? Right? Nope we don’t.  In fact, we are all pretty used to most of the so called huge announcements on this show just being reality one liners.  Yes, he is closing Hells Kitchen, but only so the group can go on a field trip to the Borgata.  It’s a chance to see where only one of them will be a chef and the others will just look in with their face pressed up against the glass.

This am oven for to make fish cook!

This am oven for to make fish cook!

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Aloha Steak House

by Mikey

I took on a high end steak house in Ventura called the Aloha Steak House.  Personally, I don’t normally hit up places where the average meal costs $30 to $40 dollars a plate, but this place gets business and a lot of people like it so I wanted to add it to EatMeCalifornia’s list.

Aloha Steak House – Off of California near the Fairgrounds.


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