Just like someone else’s grandma used to make

by Mikey

I must say, I have a weakness for the hole in the wall places.  The places that aren’t on the main map.  The places that are down the dark alley or the streets nobody wants to drive down.  I usually find culinary gold in these places.  Little spots with a couple of tables and a few chairs where someone’s grandma is slaving away in the kitchen.  The décor usually stinks, the areas are usually bad, but the food is usually outstanding.  

I used to have this Mexican girlfriend in high school, and every time I went to her house, her grandma was at the stove and always wanted to feed people.  The food was always authentic and delicious, and there was always tons of it.  I figured she must have thought I was starving.  After all, I was only a couple hundred pounds at the time.  I have discovered that same kind of food made by the power of grandmas and moms at a little joint called Tony’s Burrito Hut.

Tony’s Burrito Hut – Telephone/Petit East Ventura

I’ve always wondered why its called Tony’s Burrito Hut, mostly because I’ve never seen anyone named Tony anywhere near the place.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a male in the kitchen.  The place is completely girl power from front of house to kitchen.  I hope it stays that way too ’cause these ladies got it going on.

Tony’s is located off of Telephone Road at Petit on the East end of Ventura.  They are in the Ralphs shopping center hiding in-between a laundromat and one of those Panda Express knockoffs.  From the inside you wouldn’t guess it was a Mexican food joint.  You’d think it was more of a Hamburger place.  They have a juke box and play a lot of 50’s tunes and there’s a mini arcade with the all-time greatest game ever, Galaga.

First off, any place that has a Galaga machine gets total bonus points, and you’re damn right I played it.  Right after I order my cheese enchilada, their famous corn burritos, and a chicken three way burrito, (Chicken, beans, rice, and cheese), I get my dirty dance on with that Galaga machine.

They have tons of stuff on the menu, most of it either hamburger stand food or a la carte Mexican food. They have lunch and dinner plates, and their burritos come in two sizes (large and small).  The price ranges from three to seven dollars, and for the amount of food you get, it’s a pretty good deal.

I was just about to hit the stage 6 bonus level and had just captured a second ship when my food order was up.  I handed the controls off to a 9 year old that was watching me and admiring me as a Galaga God.  Soon after, I heard my ships explode and he looked back at me with disappointment.  I shook my head in disgust, “No son, you are not ready”,  however I couldn’t get involved, I was fork deep in an enchilada.

The enchilada was awesome, and Tony’s has a great enchilada sauce. It’s not over-powering at all and its flavor still has a nice bold bite to it. The cheese is high quality, not too greasy.  You also have the option of getting onions in it, which I didn’t on this occasion, but will next time.

Tony’s is famous around town for their corn burritos, so I was looking forward to these. They give you 5 burritos, covered in cheese and it comes with either mild or hot sauce. They are very crispy, and downright tasty. The sauce that comes with them is great too. It’s not a chunky sauce, but it does have some thickness to it.  After putting it on everything I ordered, I found it to be the perfect compliment to the corn burritos and my main burrito.

 The chicken burrito was large.  The tortillas tasted homemade so they are either making them there, or they are getting them fresh daily. The chicken is shredded, white meat chicken that must be pre-made.  It tastes as if it were marinated for just long enough and it’s very moist.  The beans they use are great, wonderful texture and deep meaty flavor.  The only problem I had was that the rice seemed just a bit under-cooked.  Other than that, it was a great burrito.

I ended up not being able to finish everything, and brought the rest home.  I also brought some of their mild sauce home with me, and used it as a base for some great dip I made.  How often can you do that with someone else’s sauce?

You guys gotta go visit the wonderful ladies out at Tony’s Burrito Hut. They make great food, are sweet as can be, and they don’t make you clean chicken coups like certain ex- girlfriends grandmothers. I hated those damn chickens.

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One response to “Just like someone else’s grandma used to make

  1. richie

    my parents own it, my mom said it was called tony’s burrito hut before we bought it from the original owners, we kept the name but changed everything else, we do get those tortillas fresh shipped almost every other day and the beans we have to make by hand

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