Aloha Steak House

by Mikey

I took on a high end steak house in Ventura called the Aloha Steak House.  Personally, I don’t normally hit up places where the average meal costs $30 to $40 dollars a plate, but this place gets business and a lot of people like it so I wanted to add it to EatMeCalifornia’s list.

Aloha Steak House – Off of California near the Fairgrounds.


There are actually two of these places.  One is along the ocean in Ventura and the other is in Camarillo. I went with the ocean location because it was more established then the other.  Plus, who doesn’t love eating next to the ocean?

The first problem with the Aloha is not their fault.  Ventura Harbor, by the pier, is a hang out spot for druggies, hobos, teens, and other low class locals. There tends to be quite a bit of loitering going on and it really is too bad.  It would be a really great view otherwise and it has the unique feature of being right next to the Hotel and parking lot that was in Little Miss Sunshine.  If I were king I’d definitely have to send my team of Middle aged Mutant Ninja Pigmies in there to clean the place up.  Until then, you’ll just have to step over the guy asking for change, tango past the skateboarders, and lambada past the guy selling meth.

The inside of Aloha is great.  They have some beautiful paintings, some great lamps and some really nice woodwork.  The place could definitely be seen as romantic.  The lights are low, the candles are lit, and there is a full bar so you can “get lit” too.

I ordered the seared ahi tuna to get started and I think, out of everything I ate, it was a favorite of mine.  It was seared to perfection; the presentation was excellent, fanned out on a bed of a great wasabi cream sauce.  It was very tender and truly did melt in your mouth.

For the main course I went with the Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi. I also decided to try the clam chowder, which was excellent.  It was very creamy, full of good portions of clam and wonderful potato. 

The dressing on the salad was fine but just off the presentation, I gotta say when you’re paying this kinda price for dinner, your salad shouldn’t be the same salad you can get in a bag.  Iceberg lettuce, small shredded carrots, cucumbers diced up so tiny.  I was very surprised.  Do Hawaiians not like cucumbers?  Do they usually dice them up like that to appease the great volcano?

I enjoyed my Mahi.  It was cooked very well.  Mahi can end up just falling apart if not cooked all the way and end up very rubbery if cooked too long. This fish sliced very well and the macadamia nut crust makes for a light, nutty flavor to the fish and works even better with the light teriyaki and peanut sauce.  I ordered a baked potato as well and it was fine.  Honestly, if you’re screwing up potatoes it’s time to go back to the home of the Whopper.

The service was the only true issue I had with Aloha. The food was pretty good and even though I would drop the price a bit, it was absolutely delicious. The waitress we had seemed to disappear more then David Blain, only she never came back to give us the David Blain, “Hey, I’m the devil and my magic should mystify you” look.  She was gone more than that friend you have with the big truck that disappears when ever you’re moving.

She also kept doing this weird putting-on-the-brakes thing.  Like what you do with your hands when you’re trying to get people to slow down.  I was trying to guess if she was trying to get me to slow down, or maybe to just get the voices in her head to relax.

The waitress was nice enough to give me a piece of Hula pie, what she said the reason was is still kind of a mystery to me.  Either way it was nice of her and it was a very rich maccadamia nut ice cream, with dark fudge and a bit of crème fresh on the side.

All in all, you can feel safe to take someone here.  It’s a little too romantic of a setting to bring your mom, but you can bring your significant other there and he/she will be all impressed with you because you didn’t pick the snack shack or burger hut like usual.

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  1. I have heard horrible things about the Cam location so I am glad to hear that this one was ok. I am sure your waitress was out back blowing someone for some meth in between bringing you your food.

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