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Hells Kitchen and Cherry Dr Pepper

by Mikey

This last week on Hells Kitchen, we got what everyone has been waiting for.  Lacey was removed after failing at the meat station.  My question is, why was she ever on the show?  Shouldn’t they only have people on there who are real chefs?  She works a buffet line at catering gigs.  She was clueless for so many different things and it seemed like the only thing she could do was make origami swans.  She was by far the weakest of all the chefs, so she definitely needed to go. 

At the same time, it’s amazing to me how human nature works.  These other chefs, on both teams, act as if they are trying to help her, but the way they help and the way they act is more in the negative then the positive.  Sure she was a pain in the ass, didn’t know very much and was dramatic.  But you make it worse when you treat her like the fat kid who sucks at kickball.  We all know how well harping, nagging, and berating, work as human reinforcement devices.  Anyway enough human sociology.  By the way, for a fat person she wasn’t very jolly.  We are a very jolly people. Continue reading


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Aloha O’e, Aloha-owwww.

by Brian

Greetings from scenic Simi Valley.  For those of you following my adventures on Twitter you already know about my horrible toothache.  Well, I tried calling the dentist to get an appointment but they were already gone for the weekend.  So, I decided to do the next best thing… which is, of course, reviewing an ice cream shop.


Tutu’s Hawaiian Ice Cream Shack – On Cochran St. in Simi

My initial idea today was to find a place where I could review a milkshake, and because I didn’t want to go to a Baskin-Robbins or Coldstone’s, I decided to give this place a try.  Come to find out, Tutu’s doesn’t have milkshakes (yet).  But you know how I roll.  I’m like freakin’ MacGyver when it comes to ice cream. Continue reading


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Kid Rock, a Boat in Koreatown & Awesome BBQ. -OR- How I Spent My Sunday.

by Brian

Sunday is a day of adventure, a day where I can get away from the trivial things in life like “getting a job” or “making something of myself,”   This Sunday was no different. It started off with a plan, a good plan too, but I accidentally left it at home.  Lucky for me I had a navigator.

The one thing I knew I wanted to do was get some culture at LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) which by my reasoning should be called LACMOA, but apparently the powers that be consider that less arty.  Anyway, they have an awesome exhibit until the end of the month called Vanity Fair Portraits 1913-2008.  Go see it.  I promise you’ll be happy you did.  Don’t spread this around, but they actually have a picture of Madonna where she doesn’t look like skeletor.  Also, on the drive down we ran into Kid Rock (or a member of his immediate family) in Koreatown.

Keep it real, Kid, keep it real!

Keep it real, Kid, keep it real!

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The Best Kept Secret in Simi Valley…

by Brian

Good morning everyone,

Despite my recent conversion to healthy foods, I do have a few sinful secrets left in the vault.  The most important of these will be reviewed in this post.

Do you love dessert????  I know I do.  Cake, specifically is my vice.  Well, that and a good breakfast burrito.  But you know what keeps me from eating cake very often?  That’s right, you gotta buy a whole freaking cake just to get one slice.  Or, you could start a birthday calendar at your office and use that as your excuse to have cake.  Or… you could pose as a clown and then steal the cake from birthday parties you’ve been hired to do.  (I did it for the good of the kids.) Continue reading


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