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Hells Kitchen and the Chicken Nugget

by Mikey

So on Hells Kitchen we lost another weak chef.  Another 8 weak chefs to go.  Coi goes home in another exchange with Chef Ramsey that leaves the weaker cook on the line.  Coi was a weak chef, but Andrea does more damage to a brigade.  Andrea acts like a leader and attempts to lead.  The problem with being a weak chef and trying to be a leader is that nobody respects you, or follows you, and you just end up looking like an ass.  Andrea is way to weak to lead.  I still argue that the majority of these chefs are weak.  The few good cooks keep quiet, trying to stay off Ramsey’s radar.  Not enough crying and misery in this episode.  Ramsey needs to step it up. Continue reading


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The Best Kept Secret in Simi Valley…

by Brian

Good morning everyone,

Despite my recent conversion to healthy foods, I do have a few sinful secrets left in the vault.  The most important of these will be reviewed in this post.

Do you love dessert????  I know I do.  Cake, specifically is my vice.  Well, that and a good breakfast burrito.  But you know what keeps me from eating cake very often?  That’s right, you gotta buy a whole freaking cake just to get one slice.  Or, you could start a birthday calendar at your office and use that as your excuse to have cake.  Or… you could pose as a clown and then steal the cake from birthday parties you’ve been hired to do.  (I did it for the good of the kids.) Continue reading


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