Hells Kitchen and the Chicken Nugget

by Mikey

So on Hells Kitchen we lost another weak chef.  Another 8 weak chefs to go.  Coi goes home in another exchange with Chef Ramsey that leaves the weaker cook on the line.  Coi was a weak chef, but Andrea does more damage to a brigade.  Andrea acts like a leader and attempts to lead.  The problem with being a weak chef and trying to be a leader is that nobody respects you, or follows you, and you just end up looking like an ass.  Andrea is way to weak to lead.  I still argue that the majority of these chefs are weak.  The few good cooks keep quiet, trying to stay off Ramsey’s radar.  Not enough crying and misery in this episode.  Ramsey needs to step it up.

I'm a leader, I'm important waaaaaaaaaaah

I'm a leader, I'm important waaaaaaaaaaah

After 3 attempts, I finally made the perfect Honey Walnut Shrimp.  If anyone wants the recipe let me know.  It came out perfect.  Not too sweet, and not too bland.  I have been struggling with the consistency of the walnuts.  They were coming out either too sweet or too nutty, but I finally found the perfect amount of everything.  My rice came out a bit sticky, but the shrimp batter and sauce were spot-on.  I did not take pictures of it because I did not want to steal the shrimp’s soul.

I had a friend come over the other night and we did a basic chicken comparison between McDonalds, KFC, Vons, Albertsons, and his.  Just judging basic chicken-nugget-type chicken.

McDonalds has actually had quite a long chicken nugget journey.  Believe it or not they used to be much worse.  The chicken quality has improved but it’s still pretty bad.  The batter makes up the entire flavor.  Beyond the fact that you really have no idea what a nugget is, McDonalds is close to worst of the bunch.  Good thing they give you cheap, horrible sauces to decorate their bland overbattered chicken.

The only chicken poorer then McDonalds was my buddy’s.  (Sorry F-train)  He actually attempted to make a chicken nugget and I wish I could have got a picture but it looked something like this:

Just add bbq sauce!

Just add bbq sauce!

His chicken actually made me want to throw up before it infected me.  It was undercooked and the batter was something between flour/salt and flour/vomit.  It was all 5 levels of horrible.  I would not even feed it to the ass that drank all my beer and threw up on my couch.  You know who you are.

You’d think KFC would have the market on chicken, and even though they do tend to have the best flavor, the chicken quality has sank to new lows.  That is really my only complaint on KFC.  The chicken is stringy and greasy.

Albertsons was a pile of grease. I could have seriously slicked my hair back, loosened the lug nuts on my jeep, and re-greased the gaskets on my neighbor’s truck with the amount of grease off their chicken.  The thing is, once you sop up most the grease, the chicken was tasty and good quality.  Make a note, Albertsons.  Put the grease gun down and let the chicken breathe.

That leaves us with Vons.  Vons had the best tasting and best consistency.  It was greasy but not as bad as the others.  So it was the best chicken of the bunch.

Price wise, nobody beats McDonalds, but you get what you pay for.  Chicken is so damn easy I don’t understand why there is such a range of difference depending on where you get it.  After all, chicken is the one thing that tastes like everything.

On a side note my buddy has been banned from making anything except for hamburger helper.

On another side note I finally saw Role Models and I gotta say it was hilarious.  Between “Taste the Beast” and the “whispering eye” I was cracking up.  Paul Rudd is one funny mofo.

Still on the hunt for a tasty shrimp place, so keep me informed. We got a couple great restaurants on tap this week so everyone stay tuned.


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2 responses to “Hells Kitchen and the Chicken Nugget

  1. It seems to me to really compare chicken nugget/fingers/craws you need to do a like minded eatery comparison. So you hit up all the fast food spots: Burger Queen, McCrappy’s, Jr Carls, Yack in a Box, etc. Then compare some sit in’s that have curbside; Chili’s, Applebees, TGIF (most at least have them on the kids menu).

    Then you can compare them in their market place. I mean would a McCrappy’s customer really go to Vons?

    • Mikey

      The thing to remember is that its a crappy chicken comparison. So automaticly you deduct the chili’s type of place. They shouldn’t even compare with these others. Also carls jr does not make the claims about there chicken that mcd’s does. Neither does burger king. So we tried to keep it short and sweet with some of the local big ones for cheap chicken. Thanks brotha!

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