If you’re a little crazy then get on the short bus and follow me to the nut house!

by Mikey

Did you say nuts?

Did you say nuts?

 Here’s what I want you to do. Get your crazy sister that knits her own clothes, get your nutty neighbor who has his own gas powered leaf blower, and get your craziest best friend who is training to be a mime and picks fights with red headed midgets and take a nice little car ride down the old part of the 118 through Somis and meet me at the Somis nut house.


This is a wonderful wonkatonian candy land and within its little red school house exterior holds the best in nuts, home made candies and homemade treats that Ventura County and probably this side of Charlie Browns which is another homemade candy land on your way to Vegas.


The Somis nut house is about a mile or two north of the 118 and Somis/Lewis cross road. If you’re coming from Simi then you go through Moorpark on the 118 until it becomes the old two lane highway. There on the right hand side will be the little red barn that is the Somis nut house. The important part to remember is to keep your eye out for it, they are only open during the day so don’t expect it to be open after dusk. It’s run by some wonderful old folks who I’m pretty sure need to lock up before Fritz the Prince of Weather and the rest of the evening news team lets them know what it will be like at 4am when they wake up.


Inside the nut house you’ll find the best salt water taffy, tons of different flavors from caramel apple to lemon pie, sour balls, jaw breakers, gummy bears, honey comb, fudge, dried fruit, novelty candy and nuts my friends tons of nuts. We’re not just talking those crazy Brazilian nuts but raw cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate covered, macadamias, walnuts, acorns, peanuts, smoked, salted, unsalted, slightly salted, kinda salted, occasionally salted. You get the picture.


I actually went in there to get some chocolate to melt for my truffles I was making that evening. Yes friends Mikey can cook and bake. I’m no top chef and Gordon Ramsey would probably tell me to get the f out of his kitchen but I can hold my own. I went in to just get this chocolate because it melts very creamy and even, its very good quality and you can get it in huge hunks. I ended up leaving with the chocolate, salt water taffy, some almonds, walnuts, and some dried fruit. The place is like Target, sure you go in to get a shirt or batteries but you end up spending like 100 bucks. Of course the nut house is completely affordable. This salt water taffy I bought was caramel apple, and it tastes just like a caramel apple very rich and creamy, its apple taffy with ribbons of caramel throughout and best of all it was just 2.00 for a bag.


This is the place to go if you have friends coming over and you want to put out some really great stuff. Plus they have all the things you expect with these wonderful little places, from lollipops with crickets in them, to chocolate covered honey comb. There was so much great stuff, I’m wishing now I would have got some of there jerky, and some of there white chocolate almond bark. So get granny and the aunt in the car and take a great drive down the 118 on a Saturday or Sunday, visit the nut house for some great homemade snacks and even hit a couple of the great fruit stands along the way. Tell them Mikey sent you so they can look at you all silly like, because they have no idea who I am.


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