Man Vs Food Las Vegas

by Mikey

Adam Richman takes on the B3 at the NASCAR Café in Las Vegas and hits some other great spots around Vegas. Only 2 people have eaten an entire B3.  Would Adam be number 3?

Man Vs Food – Las Vegas

Adam starts the trip at Hash House A-Go-Go off the strip. Everything in the place is huge, from the 16 inch pancakes to the enormous fried chicken eggs benedict.  No, that’s not a spelling error.  They actually have a fried chicken eggs benedict.  Half the things on this dish are grilled, including the mashed potatoes and the cheese.  They actually grill the cheese by itself.  Then it’s covered in homemade biscuits, tomatoes, bacon, sauce and eggs.  If you’re trying to give your body a heart attack test this would probably be a great way.  This joint even has bacon in the waffles.  I’d probably have a stroke just parking my car there.


Another joint Adam hits, off the strip, is the Hot N Juicy Crawfish.  This place serves nothing but meatloaf.  Were you expecting meatloaf?  I wanted to pick something you weren’t expecting.  I knew I should have gone with deep fried koala.

Yep, you guessed it, they have Crawfish.  They have them shipped in daily from Louisiana.  Plus, they’ve created a great fusion sauce that is both Cajun and Asian and serve up to 1800 of these bad boys a day.  They look pretty damn tasty, so I am going to add this place to my list.  I’ve never had crawfish.  Mostly because I never really figured there was much meat there.


Finally we get to the NASCAR Café.  Located in the Sahara, they serve a Big Badass Burrito they call the B3.  It weighs 6lbs and is 2 ft long.  It’s packed with seasoned beef, cheese, rice, and beans and is topped with sauce, more cheese and scoops of sour cream and guac.


Only 2 humans have been able to eat the B3 in under 90 minutes.  If Adam can do it, he gets his picture on the wall of victory, free rides on Speed, the hotel roller coaster, for life, and bragging rights.  If he fails, it’s a pink shirt that labels him a weenie and he goes up on the weenie wall.

This is one of the first challenges he’s done where I think I could make an attempt.  I’ve eaten a 4lb burrito in Dallas and won my table free meals.  Of course I had to be carried out and was on the throne for the next 2 weeks, but I did it.  I’m adding it to the list too.

Adam actually does pretty well in the first 30 minutes.  He has about 2 and a half lbs down and seems to be cruising.  It’s not long before he’s got over half of the burrito down.

This is where he hits the wall.  Adam eats a lot, but is not a competition eater.  He slows to a crawl and bites are being made much farther apart.  He’s down to his last 20 minutes and has about 4lbs done.  The stomach sends up the white flag and Adam can eat no more.  He tries a couple bites, but it’s not happening.  In the battle of man vs food, food takes the checkered flag.  Adam accepts his pink weenie shirt and goes up on the weenie wall.

I’m going to make an attempt at this one so stay tuned.  I think I can succeed were Adam failed, or throw up tryin!

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  1. Jon Green

    Well, good luck with that! Sadly, the Sahara (and its NASCAR Café) closed for business on May 11th 2011. Its owners plan to reopen it, after a top-to-tail refit, as SLS Las Vegas – but I’m afraid NASCAR fans will need to fund their gut-bustitude elsewhere; it’ll be a boutique hotel.

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