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Sex, Lies, and BK Burger Shots!

by Mikey

So, since we did a comparison of Jack in the Box’s mini sirloin burgers, I thought it was only fair to get the King up on our block and take a look at the BK Burger shot.

We have two slightly different marketing schemes with these burgers.  Burger King actually labeled their burgers a shot, so basically you can’t really expect much from it.  Jack in the Box went more with the meat quality and threw in the word mini.  However Burger King does still claim to flame broil everything so you should still expect a fairly tasty burger. Continue reading


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Sex, Lies, and Mini Sirloin Burgers

by Mikey

We are starting a new feature here at EatMeCalifornia.  We want to find out if all these fast food superpowers think we are all just food gobbling idiots who don’t pay attention to what their product is supposed to look like.  I’m tired of seeing commercials and pictures of food that does not exist here on Earth.  The videos and photos that they are showing us, which entice us to give their next big meal a try, are misleading.  Now, of course we already know that the man wants us to buy his 6 dollar burgers and will show us sexy burgers all covered with tomato, onion, and cheese.  What the man doesn’t know is that I’m showin’ photos of the real burgers right here.  I’m going to prove that their beauty queen, sexy burgers are really malnourished, meth addicted, second cousins twice removed.

The first meal in my scope is the mini sirloin burger from Jack in the Box.  Jack in the Box is definitely on the front lines of marketing, with pretty great commercials featuring mini cows and cowboys and even including a damn catchy jingle.  But is it all based on a lie? Continue reading


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Is it really chicken?

by Mikey

I want you guys out there to understand how much I love you. You need to comprehend the level I would go to in order to make sure your taste buds, stomachs and bowels are kept safe. I took a bullet for you today, a bullet I feel I will be paying for at least another few hours and maybe even into the early morning.

I was out getting a few parts for my busted sink and started to get pretty hungry, I still have many local restaurants on my list to review, but didn’t really have the time, so I found myself in that place we all find ourselves in on the road.  Yes, my friends, I needed fast food. Continue reading

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Just damn good Tacos!

by Mikey

So if you take Oxnard Blvd from the 101 and go down to A st, you will find a small little drive-in food joint called Wins. My ex actually introduced me to this place about 12 years ago and at least 5 times a year I make a pilgrimage down to get some of the greatest tacos I’ve ever had.

My typical order when I step up to this holy land is 6-8 shredded beef tacos and a large Pepsi. I don’t usually vary too much but Continue reading


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Eat Me, California!

by Brian

Welcome to EatMeCalifornia.com

We are kicking off the blog on valentine’s day, not only because it’s the day where all of you are out to dinner, but also because today is about love.  And there’s nothing I love more than food!  In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I have started a vegan (almost) diet, so I probably won’t be able to fall off the wagon more than once a week to give you great posts on the most decadant food Cali can offer.

Since today is a holiday, and a good food one at that, I cheated on the whole vegan deal.  So here’s our first review in all it’s shining glory… Continue reading


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