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Is it really chicken?

by Mikey

I want you guys out there to understand how much I love you. You need to comprehend the level I would go to in order to make sure your taste buds, stomachs and bowels are kept safe. I took a bullet for you today, a bullet I feel I will be paying for at least another few hours and maybe even into the early morning.

I was out getting a few parts for my busted sink and started to get pretty hungry, I still have many local restaurants on my list to review, but didn’t really have the time, so I found myself in that place we all find ourselves in on the road.  Yes, my friends, I needed fast food. Continue reading

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Just damn good Tacos!

by Mikey

So if you take Oxnard Blvd from the 101 and go down to A st, you will find a small little drive-in food joint called Wins. My ex actually introduced me to this place about 12 years ago and at least 5 times a year I make a pilgrimage down to get some of the greatest tacos I’ve ever had.

My typical order when I step up to this holy land is 6-8 shredded beef tacos and a large Pepsi. I don’t usually vary too much but Continue reading


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