Danny’s Deli and Grill

by Mikey

Ventura is in need of some seriously good deli’s. Thousand Oaks is loaded with them but Ventura thus far has been lackluster. T and I were hoping this family owned Deli would be the beginning of some good stuff. The question remained would the huge jar of scary pickles be to much for us to handle?

Danny’s Deli & Grill – Telegraph next to the Pacific View Mall

The first surprise was that they have huge jars of big ass pickles on the table.  They said you can eat them, but I found them to be a bit suspect.  I think they reminded me of the homeless skit Damon Wayans used to do on In Living Color.  He used to carry that jar around.  A few of you might remember. The water is really cloudy and I think I saw a pickle give me the finger then swim off.

They say there are pickles in there

They say there are pickles in there











The second surprise was that my boy ordered a pancake and bacon instead of pizza.  They had pizza, but he went pancake.  That’s my boy.

I went with the Sky High Roast beef sandwich and potato salad.

Everyone at Danny’s is very friendly.  It’s definitely got that family deli kinda feel to it and beyond the giant freaky pickles in the cloudy jars I didn’t have any issues.

The food came quickly.  Granted, we didn’t order anything complicated.  The presentation looked good too.  The pancake they made was in the shape of Mickey mouse’s head, which they’d better hope Disney doesn’t find out about or it’ll become Danny’s Deli and Lawsuit.  My boy picked out a problem right away.  He noticed some pepper in his pancake, so they are obviously not scraping the grill clean enough.  Again, that’s my boy.  Another thing he noticed was that the bacon was way overcooked  and he was right again.  He was on a roll.

My roast beef sandwich was ok.  The beef was a bit dry and the sourdough bread could have been fresher.  The onions were way too stringy but the tomatoes were nice and ripe.  The best part was their potato salad.  It had a lot of great flavors in it, including green onion, sweet pepper, black pepper and a bit of deli mustard.  It was really good.

They also have a great variety of baked desserts and a matzo ball soup that is one huge ass matzo ball as big as a softball.  They are worth a visit for sure, though I don’t think I’d hit it up for dinner.  I think lunch or breakfast is perfect for Danny’s.

Update: I recently went in for blueberry pie and it was fantabulistic. Wonderful flaky crust, great rich blueberries and they give you a very generous piece.

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