There is a Pub at the Ronald Reagan Library!

by Mikey

Did you guys know the Ronald Reagan Library has a pub?  Nobody ever tells me these things.  I recently went to Reagan’s memorial library because my boy wanted to take me there.  He knows I’m a history buff and that they have a lot of things I’d like to see.  What I didn’t know is that I could get lit while pretending to be president on Air Force One.

Air Force One from Nixon to Regan

Air Force One from Nixon to Reagan










Ronald Reagan’s Pub – Simi Valley

We spent hours visiting Reagan’s place and it was fantastic.  We paid our respects to his memorial, hung out with a real piece of the Berlin Wall, and walked aboard the actual Air Force One that Reagan and Nixon used. It was awesomistic!

Berlin Wall Chunk

Berlin Wall Chunk











There are jelly bellies in almost every room but they don’t let you have any as the fine museum personnel was quick to tell me.  You have to buy them in the gift shop.  There are incredible things to see inside the museum portion, like an actual full scale model of the president’s White House Office.  It’s a great trip and I would encourage you to bring the family and check it out.

Once you go through Air Force One, you go all the way to the floor of the hanger and visit the actual motorcade cars and helicopter Reagan used as president.  Then, not too far from there, right next to the gift shop is old Ronnie’s Pub.  I tell you, if my boy was not with me, what a great place to get drunk.  They have a few beers on tap and you’re drinking right next to Air Force One.  Plus, there is a fabulous view of the valley below.  It’s a very rustic, fun looking bar too.  I really wanted to have a drink there.

Get your kids up there, at least they will dig the plane and certainly chow down on some jelly beans while you get your drink on at Reagan’s Pub.  I ran out of juice in my camera before I could take pics of it.  Next time I’ll get some for you.  By the way kids under 12 get in free! (to the museam, not the pub)

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  1. Brian Simonsgaard

    I’ve always been curious? Now that I know a Pub is there, I’m all over it! Thanks

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