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Cabo Beach Grill and Sammy Hagar

by Mikey

I’ve eaten in Cabo San Lucas before I’m not sure I’d use them as a reference for a restaurant.  Most of the food there is ok, but not great.  I ate at some local joints, as well as some touristy spots like Sammy Hagar’s joint.  I was curious if this place actually had that touristy, beach-type food or if it was just a name.  I always like seeing the word fresh.  I enjoy testing it out.

By the way, as far as eating in Mexico, stay away from the touristy stuff.  They over-charge you and give you the El Torito type stuff.  Venture out and find the good spots.  I hit up this little taco stand in Puerto Vallarta that had shrimp tacos for a buck a piece, plus Coronas for the same.  They not only gave you platters of shrimp tacos, but they set you up a table with an umbrella right on the beach.  If you ever go on one of those vacation cruises and you get to the port of Puerto, find the nearest cab and have them take you down to the left a few miles, to the beach at the base of the hotel.  It sounds odd now, but it will become clear when your there.  You’ll be away from most of the people and snacking on great shrimp tacos and coronas.  Plus, you can enjoy it more when the old people try and sell you silver, bottles with your name on rice and hemp chairs.  Anyway, on to the review… Continue reading


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Hells Kitchen and Just BBQ

by Mikey

This last Thursday on Hells Kitchen we finally get to see another weak ass chef get booted off in the middle of the service.  J apparently not only serves the ass of the lettuce in his salads, but he also can’t seem to cook rice.  Which kinda makes us wonder why he’s on the show?  You have to figure one of the qualifications for a semi-credible chef would be cooking pasta and rice these things are essentially just boiling absorbent materials in water.

Get ready cause in 5 seconds my ass is getting kicked out.
Get ready cause in 5 seconds my ass is getting kicked out.

J messed up the rice for everyone and then goes on to put his own special spin on fish by burning it consistently.  Maybe burnt fish is the special dish in his town.  On a bed of overcooked rice.  Ramsey forehead vein explodes as he sends J out of Hells Kitchen.  J vows to take all he has learned to his own restaurant where he will rein victorious serving us all the burnt fish and lettuce ass we can eat. Continue reading


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Brian Just Got Owned… by Ramen

by Brian

Hey everyone, this was supposed to have gone up yesterday.  However, due to the fact that I spent more time in the bathroom than in front of the computer, it simply wasn’t meant to be.  Anyway, for those of you tracking my facebook page, you probably already know that I went to Orochon Ramen.  What you don’t know, is how I liked it.  I’ve been curled in the fetal position for a little more than a day now, and I’m ready to tell my story. Continue reading


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Just like someone else’s grandma used to make

by Mikey

I must say, I have a weakness for the hole in the wall places.  The places that aren’t on the main map.  The places that are down the dark alley or the streets nobody wants to drive down.  I usually find culinary gold in these places.  Little spots with a couple of tables and a few chairs where someone’s grandma is slaving away in the kitchen.  The décor usually stinks, the areas are usually bad, but the food is usually outstanding.  

I used to have this Mexican girlfriend in high school, and every time I went to her house, her grandma was at the stove and always wanted to feed people.  The food was always authentic and delicious, and there was always tons of it.  I figured she must have thought I was starving.  After all, I was only a couple hundred pounds at the time.  I have discovered that same kind of food made by the power of grandmas and moms at a little joint called Tony’s Burrito Hut. Continue reading

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