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Cabo Beach Grill and Sammy Hagar

by Mikey

I’ve eaten in Cabo San Lucas before I’m not sure I’d use them as a reference for a restaurant.  Most of the food there is ok, but not great.  I ate at some local joints, as well as some touristy spots like Sammy Hagar’s joint.  I was curious if this place actually had that touristy, beach-type food or if it was just a name.  I always like seeing the word fresh.  I enjoy testing it out.

By the way, as far as eating in Mexico, stay away from the touristy stuff.  They over-charge you and give you the El Torito type stuff.  Venture out and find the good spots.  I hit up this little taco stand in Puerto Vallarta that had shrimp tacos for a buck a piece, plus Coronas for the same.  They not only gave you platters of shrimp tacos, but they set you up a table with an umbrella right on the beach.  If you ever go on one of those vacation cruises and you get to the port of Puerto, find the nearest cab and have them take you down to the left a few miles, to the beach at the base of the hotel.  It sounds odd now, but it will become clear when your there.  You’ll be away from most of the people and snacking on great shrimp tacos and coronas.  Plus, you can enjoy it more when the old people try and sell you silver, bottles with your name on rice and hemp chairs.  Anyway, on to the review… Continue reading


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