I Love Sushi and Sushi Loves Me

by Mikey

Its called I love Sushi so there better be love right? I want to taste the love, feel the love, and hear the love.I don’t wanna smell the love cause I smelled love once and it smelled alot like febreeze and tacos.

If you wanna get in for a quick lunch or dinner, this is the Sushi spot to hit. These ladies turn tables faster then a ninja on crack and Mountain Dew.  Being near alot of offices I’m sure they get alot of the fast moving lunch crowd.

I love Sushi – Telephone/Victoria


Yes, it’s really called I love Sushi.  That is actually the primary reason I went in.  They get you thinking positive right when you walk in.  Sushi is even more subjective then pizza.  I think everyone likes their sushi a certain way so I’m going to stick to the basics.  Hey Brian, if you get a chance, weigh in on the subject of sushi.

I Love Sushi is a small place, they are packed in a shopping center and surrounded by fast food type joints, like Papa Johns pizza, and Presto Pasta. They cram everyone in, just like the fish in their cases.  I almost felt like this other guy and I were sharing a chair.  We were throwing more elbows at each other then a Chuck Norris movie.  As far as décor, this is not the place to go for a romantic dinner.  This is one of those sushi places to hit for dinner with friends or to get take out from.  It’s just not big enough to be comfortable and its really hard to here anyone talk.

The sushi chefs and staff are all very friendly, and the service is on target. You can tell they are used to turning tables fast because they are very organized and efficient.  The sushi comes out at a decent rate and they check on you quite a bit. Plus they serve you in ninja teams of 2 to 3. I must of had 3 different servers bring me stuff.

Every sushi place has their own variety of rolls and their own interpretations on the sushi classics.  I Love Sushi has a lot of different rolls; the selection is actually pretty incredible.  I ordered the crunch crunch roll, the caterpillar, and the spicy tuna tempura.  I also ordered some tuna, salmon, and some yellowtail just to get a better idea of the fish quality.  It’s all for you my friends!

For the most part their fish was very good, but the tuna was my favorite.  It virtually melts in your mouth and has the greatest tang to it.  The avocado was ripe and fresh, the rolls were very tight and stayed together nicely.  The yellowtail seemed a bit off to me, but I always find it to be one of the more difficult fish to get right 100% of the time.  The tempura was crisp and tasty; the spicy tuna had a great zing and a wonderful flavor.  The rolls were not overburdened with mayo, and they give you just enough sauce and spice to keep the flavors clean and abundant.

The portions were excellent, like I had said earlier I was starving so it was great to get full plates.   The cuts were done nicely as well, making the pieces easy to pick up and dunk using just the chopsticks.  You might be saying, “Isn’t it supposed to be like that?”  Yes it is.   But that’s what so many places have failed to do for me.  I usually end up eating sushi with the chopsticks, my hands, and anything else I can get a hold of, just to get it all shoveled into my face.

All in all, I liked the food.  Though I must say, in this day and age where there is a sushi joint on every corner and in almost every shopping center, they really need to set themselves apart.  I Love Sushi was good, but not good enough to separate themselves from everywhere else I can get Sushi.  So Mikeys search goes on, for a Sushi restaurant that can stand out in the crowd.  I want great flavor combinations, rolls that are out of the box, and sauces that are vibrant and exciting.  Can you hear me people?  Can I get an Amen!?!?

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One response to “I Love Sushi and Sushi Loves Me

  1. You haven’t tasted sushi until you go to the real “I LOVE SUSHI” in Henderson,NV. It’s about 10 minutes from the strip. You will walk out of that place having a screaming orgasm!!!! I say that because they have the best menu filled with the most creative items including the “SCREAMING ORGASM”. You can imagine the other names. If you are a true food critic then you must go to Las Vegas and eat at this sushi joint!!! Don’t reply back to me until you eat at this place. This will be “HANDS DOWN” the best sushi you will ever eat in the U.S. ……….Now…….if you go to Hawaii or someplace that you receive fresh fish out the ocean then we can have a different conversation.
    I’m sure that we will speak soon

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