Just damn good Tacos!

by Mikey

So if you take Oxnard Blvd from the 101 and go down to A st, you will find a small little drive-in food joint called Wins. My ex actually introduced me to this place about 12 years ago and at least 5 times a year I make a pilgrimage down to get some of the greatest tacos I’ve ever had.

My typical order when I step up to this holy land is 6-8 shredded beef tacos and a large Pepsi. I don’t usually vary too much but I have tried a few other things on there menu. They are your classical grill and frier drive-up. They do burgers, fries, tacos, burrito boats, and more greasy spoon type food. They even do shakes and have enough flavors to make Foster Freeze get all jealous.

Their hamburgers are ok, their fries are descent, but what I really love are those damn shredded beef tacos. The shredded beef is very flavorful, bold and juicy.  They take the beef, slap it in a tortilla, throw it on their grill with oil and then put cheese, lettuce and tomato all over it.

I’m telling you if John Madden were there he’d circle the hell out of the masterful process these tacos undergo. They come hot off the grill and are put in clown popcorn bags which always puts a smile on your face. They are dripping with grease and cheese in such a marvelous way that for just a moment I wonder if I should make out with them instead of eat them.

Don’t be under any kind of delusion that these are good for you.They are however good for your soul. There are wooden benches outside where you can eat and sometimes; during college football season, they have the games on in the window. Not a bad way to spend some time in wonderful downtown Oxnard.

Me of course,  I prefer to hide my gluttony, I tend to call ahead, pick up my order and bring them home where I can sit and relax, watch the Chuck Norris marathon on Spike TV and let the greasy, cheesy, beefy wonderfulness drip down my face.

They have a lot of great deals too, burger combos, taco combos, etc.  They are very reasonably priced, and a great place to feed the family, though again I would stick to ordering ahead and picking up.

Give Wins a try. If you love old school, uncensored, taco goodness, they are the place to go. In fact, hey Brian, what are you doing Wednesday?  I’m in the mood for some damn good tacos.



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2 responses to “Just damn good Tacos!

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  2. Daniel

    Wins is great. There is also a great burger down Oxnard Blvd. Two actually. Oxnard Blvd and second street, its called A Burger. Different that Wins, not in the same catagory of a burger of the two and also Buddy Burger down south more on Oxnard Blvd/4th street. Lots of old school burger joints on the Blvd that are good

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