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Man Vs Food Honolulu

by Mikey

Adam is in Hawaii for a bunch of places and foods that are great to eat but suck to spell. I’ve yet to go to visit our brothers and sisters on the island except for an occasional visit while watching Hurley eat, Jack frown, Kate pout, Sawyer glare, and Lock think. At some point I’ll cash in all my Kmart Blue light points and pay them a visit.

Honolulu, HI

Adams first stop is the Hukilau Café. He gives us a glimpse of the Hukilau Burger which is a patty, teriyaki beef and a fried egg all on one burger. The only thing missing is the spam. My heart slowed a little just watching him eat it.

The next big thing they have is the Loco Moco. This is two ground beef patties on a bed of rice covered in eggs and tons of gravy. Both looked pretty good I’d get down on both. Though it could use a bit more gravy not all the rice was floating.

Next stop was Helena’s for some traditional Hawaiian food. It looked pretty traditional too. Usually someone will tell you its traditional food and it comes to you in a Styrofoam container with a spork. One of these dishes shows up in leaves. Can’t get anymore traditional then that. Some spiced up pork belly with cod then wrapped up in two types of leaves. The only part that bothered me was watching the dude use his teeth to tighten the leaves up. I don’t really want my chefs teeth involved in my dinner please boil the hell out of mine. For all of you that love Hawaiian naming schemes it’s called Kalua Pig.








The other big menu item is the Short ribs. The dry the meat out hanging for 5 hours and then fry it up. This looked much better then the pig wrapped in leaves. I can get down on some short ribs. Leaves are only for wiping yourself in the jungle. Little tip, check the leaves for insects. Last thing you want is some foreign spider up your butt.

The final spot for the big showdown is Mac 24-7. The battle is between Adam and 4lbs of 14 inch pancakes with toppings and he has to do it in 90 minutes.

There are two things I don’t like about this. The first thing is I don’t like pancakes so I’m already out of the competition. The second thing is that they must have been going for some television record on how many times they could say Mac Daddy. Yes, yes we know it’s a mac daddy spatula, a mac daddy mixer, a mac daddy stove. You guys are worse then McDonalds.








Adam gets blueberry and vanilla glaze on his stack and the clock starts. He’s finished with a quarter of the stack in 10 minutes and it doesn’t matter. I know the guy isn’t gonna finish. When the numbers are 300 have tried and 4 have done it only that special someone with a gut that could hide a midget wrestling team is gonna finish this thing.

Sure enough Adam slows down and needs some bacon to help move along the starch and give his pallet a little variety. Alas the pancakes are too much and the clock expires. There was no was these cakes were going down. So I guess there will be no t-shirts, no pictures on the wall. The food was victorious.

Jeez I hate pancakes.

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Man Vs Food – Durham, NC

by Mikey

Adam is in Durham, NC for the Dough man Triathlon relay. Adam and friends are going to compete in a triathlon that also includes some power eating. Will Adam lead his team to victory or will it be defeat? Adam also hits some great spots around town for some great eats. Get yourself a milkshake and cozy yourself around the computer monitor as we all snuggle together for Man Vs Food.

Man Vs Food – North Carolina

Adam starts us off at the Backyard BBQ Pit. It is the only open pit BBQ in Durham. I’m a bit confused on the whole open pit thing. The pit is inside what looks more like a smokehouse. It’s a fire pit of sorts but to me it looks more like a wood burning oven. They said it has something to do with the type of heat and its proximity to the meat. All I know is once they got it all lit up to cook the whole place filled with smoke. This guy cooking must have firemen’s lungs. Usually when smokes fills a room like that your doing the whole wet rag over the face shimmy out the door checkin door handles cause we all saw what happens in Backdraft. Thank you Kurt Russell.

At the BBQ pit pulled pork is the specialty. I also learned that the pork butt they cook to make the pulled pork is actually from the shoulder. Over here in California a pigs butt has nothing to do with its shoulder and if someone offered you some pulled pork off a pigs butt used probably say, “I’ll just have some pie.”


It actually looks pretty damn good though. It was falling right off the bone and the 12 secret seasonings in the rub looked pretty tasty too.




Next stop was Wimpy’s Grill. At the Grill their special item is the Garbage burger. Horrible name for a tasty burger. Another unique feature about this joint is that they have nowhere to sit. You eat out in your car in the parking lot. What a great way to save clean up.

The Garbage Burger is 2 quarter pound patties, chili, cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo, ketchup, and their famous slaw. They have their own in house grinder too which they use to make the hamburger and the meat for the homemade chili tender.








Finally we get to the Dough man’s Triathlon. Adam, a gymnast, a cheerleader, and Dhani Jones all join together for this eating, running, biking, swimming marathon. Here’s how it went:

The cheerleader started team Food Fighter off. She downed a bowl of crab mac and cheese and then runs to the pool. She then swims a lap and Dhani Jones is next. He runs to get to the Bold City BLT and then takes off towards Adams leg on the bike. Adam takes down the Tomato Triple threat and starts his leg of the run. Team Food Fighter is in 6th place out of 54 when Adam tweaks his ankle sliding them down to 23rd. The gymnast takes over taking down the Portable Defibulator burger and then runs for a whole team finish. The team as a whole has to eat a bunch of cupcakes and run for the finish. The team as a whole finishes in 19th which is pretty good after Adam tweaks his ankle. Watching it kinda made me want to throw up. I did this competition at a bbq once where we ate as many hotdogs as we could eat in 15 minutes then run a sprint to the finish. I actually one but ended up giving the bears most of the hot dogs. Running and eating don’t really go together for me.


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Man Vs Food – San Francisco

by Mikey

Adam takes on the 2 gallon sundae and some other great food in San Francisco. From the Mission District to Walnut Creek Adam searches out some of the best food SF has to offer. I’ve been to SF many times and have never hit any of these places but that’s gonna change cause I want to eat at all of the places he went to.

San Francisco

The first stop on Adam’s list was the Taqueria La Cumbre. At TLC they have the 2lb Mission Burrito. TLC claims to have started the original mission style burrito and it looks absolutely fantastic. Adam gets the carne asada, and chicken burrito and it looks great. Filled with meat, cheese, and pico it looks exactly like one of the burritos I need to take down on my way to shooting for the B3 in Vegas.








The next stop is Ikes Place for some sandwiches. This place looks phenomenal. The sandwiches the people were eating looked so damn good. Adam gets this monster sandwich called the Kryptonite. It weighs in at 4lbs and has 13 ingredients. They use this secret sauce called, “dirty sauce”, and bake it right into the bread. Then it’s covered in avocado, roast beef, turkey, pepperoni, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, pepper jack cheese and more. The thing was a beast. They are definitely on the list of places to eat.







The challenge was at the San Francisco Creamery. There Adam takes on the Kitchen Sink Sundae. 8 scoops of ice cream, 4 bananas, hot fudge, sprinkles, almonds, and 8 servings of whip cream. It is a 2 gallon sundae. Only 4 people have managed to eat this thing and if you can you get your picture on the wall and free ice cream for a year. These aren’t normal Baskin Robin scoops either. The scoops they hand out are huge.








Adam has to eat the sundae in an hour including everything in the sink and the drip tray below. As usual he starts off with no issues and doesn’t seem to have any problems until he reaches the last quarter of the sundae. He requests some French fries to try and equal out the sweetness and it seems to help him finish out the sink. Then the owner reminds him he has to clear out the tray too. Adam gives a great quote. “I forgot about the %&^# tray.”

Adam still manages to finish it off as I kinda figured he would. Me personally I can’t take down that much ice cream. Way too much dairy and the amount of sugar would instantly secure me with diabetes. Just watching it I had to consider getting some insulin. Not a challenge I’d go after. Adam handles it in 45 minutes.

For food this was a great episode. For entertainment it was a bit short. They do this horrible 60’s montage right before the ice cream and it was painful to watch. He’s much better making jokes as he goes along rather then putting together skits.

The show definitely made me want to take a trip to SF just for Ikes alone. I gotta get me one of those sandwiches. You can eat them and use them to beat off someone trying to steal your wallet.


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Man Vs Food – Charleston

by Mikey

First off, I just want to say I know you guys may be wondering where B-money is and why you have to suffer through just me. Brian is in the Amazon with a small tribe teaching them how to play electronic battleship and how to make jiffy pop.  He will be returning soon to bring you some of the great places to eat in and around the world.  First, he must find a Starbucks with internet. Until then, curl up next to your favorite stranger, who you just met in that club last night (when you were so hammered you attempted to convince the bartender that George Lucas is not so great with special effects but he writes some of the greatest dialog the world has ever heard on film) and take in the glory that is Man Vs Food.

Adam is in Charleston taking on fresh oysters, shrimp and grits, the big nasty, and the spicy tuna rolls at Bushido. Each tuna roll gets hotter and the entire meal consists of 10 tuna hand rolls. Can Adam eat all 10 rolls?

Man Vs Food – Charleston

Adams first stop is to the Hominy Grill for some shrimp and grits.  The shrimp is caught locally and made with homemade grits for a fantastic meal.  Most places serve shrimp from miles away and brought to the restaurant under Gordon Ramsey’s favorite term – fresh frozen.  Anytime you can get seafood caught on the same day, from water just a stones throw away, it is definitely a bonus.


The real story at the H-Grill, however, is the “Big Nasty”: a sandwich made with a huge piece of fried chicken, covered in white cheddar, and smothered in sausage gravy, in between two fluffy homemade biscuits. It’s a beautiful cardiac arrest sandwich.

Adam’s next stop is to Bowens Island for some fresh clams. Adam actually goes out to these rocks out in the water around the island area and removes chunks of clams off the rocks.  From there they steam them on this huge flat grill covered in wet burlap sacks.  They are served with shovels and you just bust them open and throw out the shells in the table receptacle hole.  I’m on the fence about oysters to begin with, but there was nothing really appetizing about watching them put this together.  I’m sure its fantastic, but so far it wasn’t one of the more remarkable or desirable locations.

Oyster clump

Oyster clump

Finally we get to the battle we’ve been waiting for. Continue reading


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Man Vs Food Las Vegas

by Mikey

Adam Richman takes on the B3 at the NASCAR Café in Las Vegas and hits some other great spots around Vegas. Only 2 people have eaten an entire B3.  Would Adam be number 3?

Man Vs Food – Las Vegas

Adam starts the trip at Hash House A-Go-Go off the strip. Everything in the place is huge, from the 16 inch pancakes to the enormous fried chicken eggs benedict.  No, that’s not a spelling error.  They actually have a fried chicken eggs benedict.  Half the things on this dish are grilled, including the mashed potatoes and the cheese.  They actually grill the cheese by itself.  Then it’s covered in homemade biscuits, tomatoes, bacon, sauce and eggs.  If you’re trying to give your body a heart attack test this would probably be a great way.  This joint even has bacon in the waffles.  I’d probably have a stroke just parking my car there.


Continue reading

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Man Vs Food – San Antonio

by Mikey

The second season of Man Vs Food started last night so I thought it would be kinda cool to follow along this time.  Adam Richman is a fellow foody who goes around the US trying food challenges from different joints.  If there is some kind of mass food challenge or a spicy food challenge, he tries it out.  In the second season opener he is in San Antonio attacking Chunky’s legendary 4 Horseman burger.

Man vs. Food – San Antonio








Adam starts off his trip at a place called Big Lou’s.  Big Lou’s is the home of the 42 inch pizza.  If you can’t comprehend how large that is, take out a measuring tape and expand it 42 inches.  The pizza is 30lbs.  Big Lou’s is family owned and they actually have a custom made oven and can hand toss 42 inches of dough.  This thing was massive, even larger then Brian’s vocabulary.  There was 6 pounds of cheese on this thing!  Adam held up a slice and it went as far as a suit tie.  Plus they have a bbq beef topping that they actually slow cook and then slice up for the pizza.  We’ve got to make our way to San Antonio to try this thing. Continue reading


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