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Man Vs Food – San Antonio

by Mikey

The second season of Man Vs Food started last night so I thought it would be kinda cool to follow along this time.  Adam Richman is a fellow foody who goes around the US trying food challenges from different joints.  If there is some kind of mass food challenge or a spicy food challenge, he tries it out.  In the second season opener he is in San Antonio attacking Chunky’s legendary 4 Horseman burger.

Man vs. Food – San Antonio








Adam starts off his trip at a place called Big Lou’s.  Big Lou’s is the home of the 42 inch pizza.  If you can’t comprehend how large that is, take out a measuring tape and expand it 42 inches.  The pizza is 30lbs.  Big Lou’s is family owned and they actually have a custom made oven and can hand toss 42 inches of dough.  This thing was massive, even larger then Brian’s vocabulary.  There was 6 pounds of cheese on this thing!  Adam held up a slice and it went as far as a suit tie.  Plus they have a bbq beef topping that they actually slow cook and then slice up for the pizza.  We’ve got to make our way to San Antonio to try this thing. Continue reading


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