Tia Babe’s and the Return of Me!

by Mikey

First off, many thanks to B-hizzle for filling in for me while Time Warner did some work on the lines.  If you all have an opportunity to get internet from somebody else, go ahead and do that.  At least you all got to enjoy all Brian all the time.    On to Tia Babe’s!

Tia Babe’s Burgers and Tacos – Harvard/10th in Santa Paula

Tia’s is one of the little places that do a bit of everything.  They have a lot of a la cart stuff and also some full dinner and lunch deals.  They are fairly small, but do have room for at least one large party.  The parking is fairly limited though, so I’d parachute in, take a bus, or get a clown car.  The prices are pretty reasonable, with 4 bucks being the average, and you can get out of there with a good size meal for under 10 bucks.

I ordered the chicken enchilada, roast beef taco and the chicken burrito.  The kitchen is run under girl power and I spied an older lady back there, which usually means good eats, so I was excited to eat the results of their toil.

The feeling didn’t last long as I watched them take my pre-prepped enchilada and nuke it in the flavor killer.  I really enjoy when everything is prepared on the spot and the whole nuking thing just bothers the hell out of me.  After all, if I wanted a TV dinner I would have brought one from home.

The orders come out quick.  Obviously most of the things are prepped ahead of time.  Let’s break it down individually, though.

The enchilada was 1000 degrees when I broke into it, way over nuked and it was really really soupy.  I’m pretty sure, had I no teeth, I could have just slurped it all up.  I would have, except for the minor worry of getting first degree burns.  It really is a shame because the enchilada is not in the classic red sauce.  It’s a bit different and actually has a wonderful flavor.  They need to throw in more cheese and stop getting the chicken from wherever they are getting it.  This is by far the worst chicken I’ve eaten.  I’ll tell you more about it with the burrito.

The roast beef taco, which is your basic shredded beef taco, was not too bad. The beef was moist and really good.  The only real problem is the shell it came in.  I am pretty sure they must have some connection with La Victoria or some other pre-made baked shell company.  I would have liked a homemade shell.

The chicken burrito was a disaster from beginning to end.  The chicken they use is absolutely horrible.  It’s stringy, oily, loaded with gristle you pick out for days, and then they burn it. It was the worst burrito I’ve had since Brian first started using big words.  The tortilla was burnt too, but it was harder to taste with the greasy sharp cheddar covering it.

It was a poor lunch experience indeed and I was really disappointed. I had heard good things about the food and now I feel lied to.  The first thing they need to upgrade is the chicken.  Maybe they should talk to those puffy chickens on the foster farms commercials.

Big virtual hug to everyone who missed me this past week, and a big virtual finger to those of you who didn’t and smiled each day I didn’t post.


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6 responses to “Tia Babe’s and the Return of Me!

  1. Tiffany

    Hahahaha: “It was the worst burrito I’ve had since Brian first started using big words. ”

    Seriously, you are hilarious. I love your writer’s voice.


    • Mikey

      Thanks Tiff to the Any! Maybe one day I’ll throw in a few big words just to throw you guys off. Course Brians gonna have to spell them for me and then tell me what I am saying.

  2. Chad

    Well, first of all, thank you for your well written piece of garbage. It is good to know that people with absolutely no taste for real food have an opprotunity to vent and let out all their own frustrations on poor small town businesses. It is unfortunate that your writting skills could not be used to do something productive and meaningful. I am a regular at Tia Babe’s Burritos and Mexican Food, I do not know where you went to eat but Tia Babe’s Burgers and Tacos does not exist in Santa Paula. As for the chicken, the chicken in the tacos and the chicken in the burritos are two completely different kinds of cooking styles. They are not the same kind of chicken. The burrito chicken is not burnt it’s a teriyaki marinade that the sugars carmelize when the chicken is cooked to order, and not just sitting in pot of premade meat like you can find at 90% of Mexican food restaurants. This occurs when the sugars in the teriyaki sauce is heated and creates a crust of hardened sugar on top of the coated chicken, as any trained cook would know. Homemade chicken taco shells are available upon request, had you asked a question instead of jumping to conclusions and creating false alegations of laziness and “deals”. It’s hard for me to take this seriously being that someone critizing other peoples work doesn’t even know basic technique or the fact that every Mexican food restaurant is going to have a unique sauce. If you want a “classic red sauce” try the supermarket, if you want true homemade Mexican Food, nothing beats the little white haired viejita in the kitchen. So on behalf of the city o Santa Paula and the numerous different types of enchilada sauces found out all our wonderful Mexican restaurants. Sir, if you don’t like it, make it yourself.

    • Mikey

      Thanks Chad,

      First and foremost you need to keep in mind that these are not personal attacks. If we go somewhere and we don’t enjoy the food we can’t say its good just because there is a sweet little old lady cooking inside. Make sure we are talking about the same joint and since you go all the time check the wall that says burgers and tacos right under the name. Also please keep in mind that I watched them making my lunch and saw the prep. If you enjoy your food then thats fantastic you are welcome to disagree and let us all know you enjoy it. Avoid commenting on writing and mispell half the words, you lose a bit of respect for your opinion. The food just wasn’t that good but for you I will go back and give them another try. The people of Santa Paula are lucky to have such a hero to mispell them into the world of fantastic food. Thanks and keep on eating.

  3. Linda

    I agree with Mikey 100%! My family and I went for menudo on Sunday and for $8.50 we were ripped off. There was only a few spoons of tripe and too much hominy and juice. It tasted mediocre and not much flavor. I needed to add more salt and doctor it up with the tiny plastic cups with crushed red pepper, a small lemon slice per bowl and “green onion”. In all my 50 yrs of being a menudo lover I have never ate menudo with green onion. White or yellow is better! Plus NO CILANTRO or OREGANO! The table sauce is ok but they also serve it on the tacos. Where’s the creamy taco sauce. Over all the food tasted ok but not as good as they say it does. I will go back to Yolands for $15.00 you get all you can eat plus their buffet which has breakfast, GREAT MENUDO, enchiladas, tacos, etc and dessert.

    • Mikey

      Thanks for the comment Linda. Which yolandas do you go to I’d like to try there menudo. I havn’t seen great menudo since I saw them sing on Silver Spoons!

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