Back in action at El Pescador

by Mikey

First off, many thanks to my boy B for taking over for a few days while I dealt with some business.  As it turns out I’m not a direct descendant of Elvis Presley.  Oh well on to El Pescador.

I had to take a trip down to Valencia and on my way home, off the 126 in Fillmore, was this Mexican restaurant called El Pescador.  El Pescador has been owned by the Ortiz family since 1983.

EL Pescador – 126 HWY in Fillmore

On the outside it looks like it would be fairly large, like an El Torito, but once you get inside it’s kinda like a mini El Torito.  It’s more modern than Mexican, as much of your classic mission style restaurant fare is not present. I kinda wandered in the wrong door because nobody was there to seat me.  Once I got into the mainstream portion of the dining room they told me to sit anywhere.  Now either I’m getting to large for life, or their booths were a bit tight.  I was back to table and had to shimmy inside like I was playing twister.

Once I greased myself up and squeezed in, the hostess brought me some chips and salsa. The chips crunched a bit stale, almost as if they were yesterdays chips but the salsa was high octane and very tasty.

So obviously if you’ve taken any Spanish you realize there are a lot of fish dishes here.  I didn’t feel like eating fish but because it was Fillmore which, as many of you know, is nowhere near an ocean, I had to try some.  The menu is actually kinda hard to read, they have tons of food pictures, and the Spanish is in cursive in a hard to read color scheme.

Once I translated it I ordered a shrimp cocktail, beef enchilada, chicken taco, and a fish taco.  I received the shrimp taco first and got a surprise soup that either I missed on the menu or they were just letting me try.  I’ve had Albondigas soup (or Meatball Soup for whitey) before, but this was excellent.  The flavors were perfect, diced with huge sliced carrots, parsley and onion.  It was actually my favorite part of the lunch.

The shrimp cocktail was okay, not as good as say Longboards, in SB, but better then a Marie Calendars or Carrows.

The entrée came out muy rapido. So fast, in fact, that I didn’t even have time to finish the small bowl of soup.  By the time I got to it, it had been reduced from hot to warm.

The fish taco was first up, and like the shrimp, it was okay.  You can get the same taco at a one of those mall taco stands.  The chicken taco was actually pretty good.  The chicken was marinated and cooked wonderfully, great full bodied shredded cheese on top and a crisp shell.  The beef enchilada was okay.  The sauce was pretty flavorful.  You could detect the jalapeno and chili, and it stood out without being overbearing.  The beef was a bit stagnant for me.  It didn’t seem like fresh shredded beef.  It was more like they found the cow that is out in the field playing bingo and watching murder she wrote.  It was a bit dry and old.

The beans were good, and the rice was good too.  They actually give you peas in your rice which is kinda cool. Maybe not for you, but I kinda dig peas so it made me smile.

The service was pretty good up until I got the entrée.  Then my waiter kinda disappeared.  They have a really cool feature at the table: a buzzer for your waiter.  You hit it and your table number pops up on the wall and they come over.  I think that they have gotten used to waiting for the bell however so if you don’t give them their pavlovian bell ring they don’t come to see you.

One other thing that kinda bugged me was that they have these TV screens that show dinners and other dishes they serve there.  I always think that’s kinda tacky.  In between watching slides of their dishes you get great telemundo music videos.

Overall, they are definitely worth the stop though.  They have a full bar, so if your coming back from Magic Mountain you can get on one last ride.  If you’re heading south from Ventura they are on the left hand side.


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6 responses to “Back in action at El Pescador

  1. We need an update:
    The remaining question is how was the deuce afterward?
    -was there enough time to accomplish other things? or did you have to immediately return to the lab?

    All I know is that when I eat mexican, it immediately gives me the itis and shuts me down. I guess I can equate eating Mexican to watching porn and taking NyQuil. Amazing while it lasts, but as soon as you finish your asleep.

    Yeah I said it.

  2. ROFL. “…Amazing while it last…” Hahaha!!!

  3. Mikey

    Let me tell you brotha I spent some quality time dropping off the kids at the pool a few hours later. I always follow the 40 year old virgin rule of taking 2 tylenol pm and playing with my friend jergens till I fall asleep. Either way you look at it you win.

  4. Veronica ; )

    Hailing from Fillmore, I have witnessed first-hand how popular El Pescador is, not just by the locals, buy by many a passerby as well. During the summer, their side parking (along the 126) is always full of trucks hauling boats and dirtbikes. I didn’t know they had a buzzer…. It must be something new…. Usually their TV screens have some Spanish Rodeo or concert….

    Out of the many Mexican restraunts in Fillmore, I prefer Vallarta’s (also on the 126, across from Burger King). Their flautas make my belly happy. (Either the beef is better than the chicken, or the other way around. I forget, so I order one of each…)

    Margaret’s Cocina in Fillmore (also on the 126), on the east end past VONS, is pretty popular with the locals. They have everything from chili relleno burritos, to chili cheese fries and burgers (comparable to In-N-Out, since they also put the orange dressing). Oh yes, and they definitely have shakes. (This is more of a truck-stop type of place….you can even play arcade games and win a stuffed animal from the machine, while you wait to get your grub on)

  5. Mikey

    Thanks V! Feel free to send in more info on anywhere you eat in Fillmore. I only tend to go there when I want to ride the train to get a pumpkin or to buy fire works to smuggle into Ventura.

  6. Veronica ; )

    No prob Mikey. But, there really aren’t many more places to choose from in Fillmore. haha. Maybe my momma’s house. HA. Don’t get caught with them fireworks.

    ~Teacher of the Dark

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