On Your Way to San Diego

by Mikey

B and I went on a little journey to San Diego to expand the EatmeCalifornia empire and bring you guys a little sampling from our sister city to the south.

We actually intended to eat much earlier in the day and maybe give you a sampling from a bit closer to LA but we were cruising through traffic really well and the radio kept playing blocks of Brian’s favorite artists like KC and the Sunshine Band, Zamfir’s wood flute, and a solid block of the blond Frankenstein John Tesh.  Had they played Celine Dion I’m afraid we wouldn’t have stopped at all.

However, no such luck, no Celine, so we ended up stopping in Oceanside and hit an interesting spot called Davina’s Cabo Grill.

Davina’s Cabo Grill – Oceanside, CA

I’m gonna call it Cabo Grill from here on out, ’cause I’m not to hip on the name Davina.  There is something about it that’s just not right.  No offense to Davina, if there is one.  The name just kinda creeps me out, like cats with no hair.

The Cabo Grill is a pretty large place.  They have a really huge downstairs eating area with a full bar and an upstairs lounge. They are definitely equipped for happy hour and live entertainment.  It’s a very pretty building, decorated well, and it gives you that “I’m in Cabo, lets get drunk and parasail for 20 bucks” kinda feeling.


B and I sat upstairs because it was a gorgeous day.  You can see from the picture that the view is amazing.  They also have a full bar upstairs, so it is definitely a party spot.  Brian was still thinking breakfast so he went with the breakfast burrito.  I, however, had moved on, putting the past behind me, and went for lunch instead.  I ordered the Enchilada Suiza with carne asada.

They started us off with some chips and salsa.  The salsa was ok, but it was a bit on the mild side.  I’m kind of seeing a disturbing trend in places not wanting to have bite to their salsa.  I don’t need to burn out an o-ring, but I sure could use some spice in my salsa.  The salsa was very fresh, but it was more of a pico (with fresh tomato, cilantro, and green onion) than a salsa.

B got his burrito and it was easy to see that he wasn’t all that impressed.  Once he had cut it in half, it was easy to see why.  One of the chief ingredients was pulling a peek-a-boo.  The eggs were few and far between.  I’d say maybe one egg scrambled and thrown inside.  Not so good for a breakfast burrito.  It was all potato.


My meal proved to be the better choice.  The enchilada was very good.  The jack cheese stood out and was strong, the carne asada was tender, the green onions were fresh, and the tomatillo sauce had a nice lime flavor.  It was zesty and went perfectly with the carne asada.  I was definitely the meal winner so far.


The help was ok.  The girls were sweet, but it might have been a bit early for them because they weren’t quite ready to be lively and certainly weren’t ready to laugh, as I wasted 3 great Cabo jokes without getting one.  Apparently there are few people left who still think Sammy Hagar jokes are funny.

Cabo Grill is a good little place, but I would stick to hitting them up for happy hour, a late lunch, or dinner.  They are in a great spot and have fantastic views.  There just must be a huevo shortage around these parts.  With full stomachs and a pocket full of Alka-Seltzer we carried on to San Diego…

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