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bri at cafe jack

Brian is a snarky SOB.  He is also a recently converted part-time vegan, but he still enjoys eating things that taste good once in a while. He gets most of his exercise from taking long walks (downhill) and playing fetch with his pet cat, Tsar.  Brian can’t stress enough that his conversion to the Vegan way of life is not because of an irrational and childish love for animals, but because of his vain quest for six pack abs and the ability to wear pants without an elastic waistband.

His heros are Chuck Norris, Jesus and John Wayne (in that order) and  he would choose invisibility if he had the choice of any superpower.  He regularly contributes to the New Yorker, The Economist, and Italian Vogue and he is a mainstay on the lecture circuit.

Like many other great things, Brian and Mikey started EatMeCalifornia because they were broke, out of work (thanks dubya) and needed something to do with their time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.  Remember to tell all your friends about us so we can get some advertisers and so I can afford to start buying food for Tsar again.

I'm soooooo hungry.

I'm soooooo hungry.

19 responses to “About Brian

  1. OMG Brian! When I scrolled down and saw poor Tsar I almost peed my pants! I am still giggling! HA!

    • Uncle Ray

      Ha – love the site Nephew……don’t bother with the vegan ways….it never got me a six pack. Or maybe it was the six pack that never got me the six pack (hmmmm)

  2. Thanks Michelle,

    It’s rare to get him showing off his malnourished belly these days. This was back when he was less self conscious.

  3. Get that cat a beer and a remote STAT!

  4. He kinda looks stoned. . . . . Poor kitty!

  5. Paul Sanford

    Great site Brian.

  6. Starbucks Ben

    Brian! Awesome site! I’m gonna have to give you assignments to go check out certain spots, lemme know what you think.
    Also, thanks for the bookmark thingy for your website… not only did I remember to come here because of it, but also its now being slowly ripped into little pieces to be used as crutches in all my joints… I hope your honored that I smoke a bit of you every day.

  7. Bri-Dawg…I absolutly love your site!

    • Awww, thanks Dimi. We work pretty hard to keep it going so it’s nice to know that people enjoy reading it.

      Thanks again for taking the time.

  8. Sorry if I’ve suggested these before, can’t remember what I did:

    *Honey’s Kettle, Culver City: fried chicken. Do the catfish and biscuits, too.
    *Famous Dave’s BBQ: only one of like 3 chain restaurants I actually like.
    *El Conquistador, Silver Lake: just for the pico de gallo alone.
    *Damon’s, Glendale. Old skool meat, taters, salad and garlic bread.
    *Royal-T, Culver City: Haven’t been, myself, but the server girls wear like French Maid uniforms.
    *Silver Lake pizza joints: Andiamo, Garage Pizza, Masa
    *Reservoir, Silver Lake
    *Siete Mares: The one in Silver Lake near Westerly Terrace, on Sunset. Walk up window for fish tacos. Ask for the rice too 😉
    *C&O, Venice. Westside pasta favorite for many.
    *B&R Burger, Hawthorne. Do the Royale if you dare; with pastrami.
    *Kyshu Ramen, Sherman Oaks, near Sepulveda.


  9. Tiffany

    Time for an update??

  10. Tiffany Curtis

    You need to check out diddy reise if you haven’t for desserts……. its right on the out skirts of UCLA’s campus off of the 405 freeway in westwood. $1.50 ice cream sandwich that is worth the wait! Freshly made cookies (of your choice) and a scoup of hagen daz (sp?) ice cream (also your choice)

  11. The next time you go to Vegas, you MUST EAT breakfast at “Hash House A Go-Go”. It is off the strip and the food is amazing!

    • Dimi,

      You know I love you, right? Our site is called EatMeCalifornia. So until Vegas tells Nevada to eff off, we can’t review their stuff. I will definitely eat there though. Probably in a state of drunken/hungoverness that is of epic proportion.

      Signed, Bridog.

  12. 8 ball junky

    hey brian… question for you…

    who just picks up an eight ball?


    the site is looking good man. keep it up guys.

  13. Deanna

    Hi Brian, it’s ur neighbor :-). I like the site… mmm… good eats.

  14. Jessica

    Hi Brian, I met you on Sat. at Deanna’s housewarming party. Nice meeting you. I read some of your reviews….DANG you are to witty and FUNNY!! I loved them. Hey my mom would also like to be a Santa Clarita writer for you. We both think it would be alot of fun. Now my mom is an actual writer. She had a couple articles published already on other subjects. She is working on her first review for you as I write this email so you can see if she would be a good fit. I will also work on mine. Hey email me your email addy.

  15. charles turner

    Heyo we met at Living room, give me a shout about doing restaraunts buddy. Happy Kwanza.

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