Moorpark’s very own Top Chef

by Brian

This post was supposed to go up last night, but I had to spend the last few hours of the day consoling my friend.  The reason she was so upset was that Moorpark’s own, Fabio Viviani, was eliminated from the season finale of Top Chef.

For those of you who don’t know, Fabio owns Cafe Firenze in Moorpark.  This post isn’t a review of his restaurant, but I have eaten there, and can attest to the simple yet delicious food it offers.

Instead, I would like to congratulate Fabio for getting as far into the competition as he did.  The only flaw that he displayed, in my opinion, was keeping his dishes relatively simple.  That “flaw” is exactly what keeps his restaurant packed on a nightly basis.

On top of his skills in the kitchen, Fabio was easily the most entertaining personality on the show.  Now I have no choice but to root for Carla as the ultimate underdog.  I hope that he gets another opportunity to shine on the little screen.  Maybe he can get in on the next season of The Next Food Network Star, or maybe he can leave food on the backburner for a while and get on Survivor.

Girl Math

Girl Math

If Fabio was only entertaining, he probably wouldn’t merit his own post on this site, since we mainly focus on the food.  However, the fact is that Fabio is a man on a mission.  That mission is healthy eating for children.  His website is a great resource, and if you have children you should definitely go sign up to be a member.  It’s free, it’s easy, it’s healthy!

Actually, I am kind of a kid myself, so i’m gonna go sign up right now!  Keep checking back for more info on Fabio and an in depth, no holds barred review of Cafe Firenze.  Maybe we’ll even get an interview with the man himself.

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2 responses to “Moorpark’s very own Top Chef

  1. Thanks for your post about my boyfriend, Fabio. It made me very sad to see him get the boot. As soon as I figure out where Moorpark is, I plan to go and stalk him. Just kidding. But not really.

    • @Nora – That was funny. Not that I advocate stalking or anything like that, but you should sign up at That way you could get some more material for the creepy shrine you’re building in your spare bedroom. Cheers.

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