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Deadliest Catch and the Deep Blue Sea

by Brian

Tonight, Mikey and I are premiering a new weekly column for the site.  With Hell’s Kitchen winding down (thank god) we are proactively filling the void with a show that’s actually worth watching: Deadliest Catch.  This weekly column will probably go up on Wednesdays, but because I was retarded and forgot to tivo the 1st episode, I had to wait until tonight to watch the rerun.  Each week, it is my hope that we can not only give a little commentary on the show, but also a review on the culinary bounty that is the ocean.  First the show, then the review… enjoy!


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Working Title: Top Scallop

by Brian

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the lateness of this post, Mikey was having technical difficulties getting his latest review online, so I decided to step in with some thoughts regarding tonight’s Top Chef finale.

For those of you who have watched the show, you probably recognize the phrase that I used in this post’s title.  It was uttered by Fabio Viviani a few episodes back, referring to Jamie’s penchant for using scallops in every dish.  And you probably saw that for the first time ever, a former contestant (the aforementioned Fabio) was allowed to weigh in at the final meal.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure that Bravo is in development with Fabio on a new series (or at least they should be).  I’m setting the over/under on the first season of Top Scallop  [Honorable mention: Top Bunky Bed] at 6 months.  Get your Tivo ready now. Continue reading

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Moorpark’s very own Top Chef

by Brian

This post was supposed to go up last night, but I had to spend the last few hours of the day consoling my friend.  The reason she was so upset was that Moorpark’s own, Fabio Viviani, was eliminated from the season finale of Top Chef. Continue reading


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