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Just like someone else’s grandma used to make

by Mikey

I must say, I have a weakness for the hole in the wall places.  The places that aren’t on the main map.  The places that are down the dark alley or the streets nobody wants to drive down.  I usually find culinary gold in these places.  Little spots with a couple of tables and a few chairs where someone’s grandma is slaving away in the kitchen.  The décor usually stinks, the areas are usually bad, but the food is usually outstanding.  

I used to have this Mexican girlfriend in high school, and every time I went to her house, her grandma was at the stove and always wanted to feed people.  The food was always authentic and delicious, and there was always tons of it.  I figured she must have thought I was starving.  After all, I was only a couple hundred pounds at the time.  I have discovered that same kind of food made by the power of grandmas and moms at a little joint called Tony’s Burrito Hut. Continue reading

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