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Sex, Lies, and BK Burger Shots!

by Mikey

So, since we did a comparison of Jack in the Box’s mini sirloin burgers, I thought it was only fair to get the King up on our block and take a look at the BK Burger shot.

We have two slightly different marketing schemes with these burgers.  Burger King actually labeled their burgers a shot, so basically you can’t really expect much from it.  Jack in the Box went more with the meat quality and threw in the word mini.  However Burger King does still claim to flame broil everything so you should still expect a fairly tasty burger. Continue reading


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Hells Kitchen and Sexy Enchiladas

by Mikey

It’s time for the weekly buffet of everything EatmeCalifornia.  This week I had a lot going on so I’m not going to be as long winded as usual.  Though typically Brian is the more verbose of this duo, (mostly because he knows more big words then I do). Continue reading


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