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Sex, Lies, and Mini Sirloin Burgers

by Mikey

We are starting a new feature here at EatMeCalifornia.  We want to find out if all these fast food superpowers think we are all just food gobbling idiots who don’t pay attention to what their product is supposed to look like.  I’m tired of seeing commercials and pictures of food that does not exist here on Earth.  The videos and photos that they are showing us, which entice us to give their next big meal a try, are misleading.  Now, of course we already know that the man wants us to buy his 6 dollar burgers and will show us sexy burgers all covered with tomato, onion, and cheese.  What the man doesn’t know is that I’m showin’ photos of the real burgers right here.  I’m going to prove that their beauty queen, sexy burgers are really malnourished, meth addicted, second cousins twice removed.

The first meal in my scope is the mini sirloin burger from Jack in the Box.  Jack in the Box is definitely on the front lines of marketing, with pretty great commercials featuring mini cows and cowboys and even including a damn catchy jingle.  But is it all based on a lie? Continue reading


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