Hells Kitchen and Cherry Dr Pepper

by Mikey

This last week on Hells Kitchen, we got what everyone has been waiting for.  Lacey was removed after failing at the meat station.  My question is, why was she ever on the show?  Shouldn’t they only have people on there who are real chefs?  She works a buffet line at catering gigs.  She was clueless for so many different things and it seemed like the only thing she could do was make origami swans.  She was by far the weakest of all the chefs, so she definitely needed to go. 

At the same time, it’s amazing to me how human nature works.  These other chefs, on both teams, act as if they are trying to help her, but the way they help and the way they act is more in the negative then the positive.  Sure she was a pain in the ass, didn’t know very much and was dramatic.  But you make it worse when you treat her like the fat kid who sucks at kickball.  We all know how well harping, nagging, and berating, work as human reinforcement devices.  Anyway enough human sociology.  By the way, for a fat person she wasn’t very jolly.  We are a very jolly people.

I better keep quite or fat people will be extinct on this show

I better keep quite or fat people will be extinct on this showLacey can’t cook meat so Ramsey booted her out of the kitchen after giving her a few chances. As far as I’m concerned, a chef she is not, so it's good riddance. If I were her, I’d get a job building up depressed people's self esteem. Service is completed and the blue team, with just 3 dudes, wins the evening. The red team is confused at this point because they still have some weak chefs, including some who are not even sure what tuna taste like. Ramsey pulls out LA, who is actually one of the most consistent cooks on the team, and lets her know that because of her lack of leadership abilities she needs to go. At first I was a bit perplexed by this because I would think you’d keep the ones who can cook first before worrying about leaders. Andrea is a leader who can’t cook, so who’s going to follow her? Then I realized you do need a strong personality to be an executive chef. LA is a worker bee. She does not have a forceful personality, so whether she is out now or in the next episode, she'd still be out. So we lost both big girls, leaving us fat people with only Rob and Ben to cheer for. All hail cellulite!I ran a little long on the Hells Kitchen review so I’m going to just stick to a few great products I’ve gotten into. If you know about them already, fantastic. If not, give them a try. The first is Cherry Dr Pepper. This stuff is fantastic and a great combination. I’ve always been a Cherry Pepsi fan. Cherry Coke is ok, but I’ve always loved the tad bit more sweetness that Pepsi offers. To me, Dr Pepper's cherry beats down both Pepsi and Coke, which I guess is good for Coke being that it’s a Coke product. The best part is that it makes a fantastic float with vanilla ice cream. Right after the first sip it made me feel as if I was swimming in an effervescent pool of mineral water while leprechauns tossed me skittles, and fuzzy little koalas fanned me with huge palm leaves. Good stuff try it if you havn'tThe next product is Pam’s baking spray. Anyone who bakes knows how things tend to stick to whatever you’re cooking with. This spray, made with real flour, not only prevents the sticking perfectly, but has a very light butter flavor. It actually adds a tad of buttery taste to what you are baking. It’s very slight, but works better then the Crisco bars and various other cooking sprays I’ve used. I’ve even used it for casseroles and other baked dishes. It makes cleaning much easier too. Give it a try, especially if you’re making breads, cakes, or cookies. Bake in peace my friends

I finally saw 007 Quantum of Solace and I gotta say I like it action-wise, but I think I like Pierce Brosnan as my favorite Bond. I like Daniel Craig, but to me he doesn’t seem very Bondish. It’s kinda like you’re just watching an action movie with Daniel Craig. What do you guys think? Rank your Bonds for me. I got Brosnan first followed by Connery and then it’s a tie between Moore and Craig.  I’m not a big Timothy Dalton fan and the guy in the first one (Her Majesties Secret Service) we don’t count, just like we don’t count the guy that played Captain Pike before Shattner brought us Captain Kirk.

Keep eating my friends.  We got some good places up this week.  A little Chinese and a bit of Italian.  Maybe we can get B to hit up an Indian joint for us.  The last one I tried, I paid very dearly for. When the dust cleared I was 12lbs lighter.


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3 responses to “Hells Kitchen and Cherry Dr Pepper

  1. I actually don’t understand Hells Kitchen. I watch, and I have to say that there were 2 times in this last episode where I laughed a hearty laugh, but NONE of these chefs are competent enough to be head chef at a Ramsey joint. Not by a mile! When you see shows like Top Chef that are really inspiring to people, like me, who like to cook, that have contestants who dont burn everything they touch or serve salmonella, you wonder what the hell Hells Kitchen is trying to prove. They seem to find the busboys and offer them shots at a $250,000 job! Plus, Ramsey is not a shit guy. I watch Kitchen Nightmares, and The F-Word, and he is really interesting on those programs. But the second he steps in a Hells Kitchen set, he just becomes a belligerent screaming asshole. WTF??

    • Mikey

      I have a theory. I’ve worked with real executive chefs before and I’m pretty sure they would either stab Ramsey or just walk off the show if he yelled at them like that. So they producers get mediocre chefs who don’t mind being abused so they can one day be a head chef, which from what I hear about Ramsey’s places your never really the true Executive Chef without years of training. Either way I just want more people to cry.

  2. LOL Mikey, I have a feeling you will get your wish. Although with Lacey gone, the tear factor will definitely be a little lower. 😦

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