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A little bit of everything

by Mikey


So tonight, on this gorgeous Sunday, I wanted to rest up the pallet a bit and give you a buffet of items I have on my A-Team TV tray.  

First off who’s watching Hells Kitchen?  Do you have a favorite chef?  I kinda feel chef-wise this seems like a weak group.  I love watching people cry though.  I think it stems from some repressed anger from second grade, but my favorite part of these shows isn’t the food; it’s the stress, ridicule, sadness, and the sheer awesomeness of watching somebody completely break down inside.  For those watching, they finally got rid of Seth who I am not sure could hack it at Burger King.  After watching Top Chef I feel like there is a complete lack of culinary talent on this show. I just gotta hope people keep crying.   Continue reading


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