A little bit of everything

by Mikey


So tonight, on this gorgeous Sunday, I wanted to rest up the pallet a bit and give you a buffet of items I have on my A-Team TV tray.  

First off who’s watching Hells Kitchen?  Do you have a favorite chef?  I kinda feel chef-wise this seems like a weak group.  I love watching people cry though.  I think it stems from some repressed anger from second grade, but my favorite part of these shows isn’t the food; it’s the stress, ridicule, sadness, and the sheer awesomeness of watching somebody completely break down inside.  For those watching, they finally got rid of Seth who I am not sure could hack it at Burger King.  After watching Top Chef I feel like there is a complete lack of culinary talent on this show. I just gotta hope people keep crying.  


Brian and I tag teamed our first pizza joint and the review will be coming very soon. We will also be introducing a new pizza ranking and scoring system to help you in your quest to find the best pizza around. Keep checking in if you love pizza, it’s a great system and worked well with our first joint pizza review. 


I discovered a wonderful marinade the other day that I want everyone to try at home. Get some small steaks and let them sit for a half a day in Lawry’s Steak & Chop marinade. Then cook those bad boys up. The flavor it draws from the meat is amazing. Right after the first bite I felt as though the entire world just got a little bit better. The best part is you can put it on the thin steaks you cook in the skillet.  So… five minutes or less per each side and you have yourself a great steak. Another great thing I found is that if you get some ground beef and add a few spoonfuls of this marinade to it, it makes for a killer hamburger. Keep in mind we do not get any money for endorsements or mentioning products, so you know I’m giving you the gospel truth.  Although if Lawry’s could send me a Lawry’s thong/speedo that I could wear to the beach, I would definitely rock it.

Straight from the pantry in Heaven!

Straight from the pantry in Heaven!

I’ve gotten a few requests to hit up some restaurants for people before they take their significant other, and I wanted to let you all know that this is perfectly acceptable. We will be more than happy to review somewhere you’re curious about.  Why not let the EatMeCalifornia crew give that new restaurant the ninja ambush treatment before you spend your hard earned cash? In addition, feel free to ask us if we’ve been to any restaurants you’re thinking of trying, we may have already hit them, but slacked on writing the review.  Leave your requests or recommendations in the comments.

Finally, I have a mini review for you from last night:

Wood Ranch BBQ – Locations in Ventura and Los Angeles County

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Wood Ranch is a chain BBQ restaurant that has about three locations in Ventura County, each of which is very popular. 


I’m finding that the quality of the bread has gone down a lot recently, but everything else is great.  Their meat and potatos were orgasmic as always, and I still have love for their bbq beans. I kinda wish I could fill up a tub with the bbq beans and just marinate in their sweet tangy goodness.  The “perfect forkful” at Wood Ranch is a piece of tri tip, with a little mashed potato, dipped in the bbq beans. It’s feels almost as if an angel came down from heaven, gave you a little kiss on the cheek, and then rubbed your tummy.


The bad part, which I mentioned at in the beginning of the review, was the nasty-ass rolls. Something evil has happened to the bread. It’s dry, tough, and chewy. They used to be little unicorn hugs of buttery, fluffy, flaky wonderfulness. I’d like to put the rolls on Obamas stimulus plan. I feel there may, in fact, be a correlation between our crappy economy and the rolls at Wood Ranch BBQ.  So let’s get this tacked on. Because there’s nothing better than a warm, buttery, fluffy, garlic roll to go with my new trillion dollar stimulus package.  Well, except maybe some of those sweet, sweet, bbq beans.

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2 responses to “A little bit of everything

  1. I agree with the suck ass quality of the current buns at Wood ranch. I like them better at Red’s in simi

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