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It’s All Greek to Me – Ventura Greek Festival 2009

by Brian

I didn’t get to post this last night because I went to see The Hangover.  Sorry, but even bloggers need a night off every now and then.  The other thing I accomplished last night is the topic of this post.  I went with a few of my coworkers to the opening night of the Ventura County Greek Festival.

Ventura County Greek Festival – At the Camarillo Airport (see website for driving directions) June 12, 13 & 14.

Honestly, for a history major, I don’t know a lot about Greek stuff.  I know that Greeks invented democracy and city-states and gyros.  Other than that, I’m pretty ignorant on the whole topic.  Which as most of you know, is extremely painful for me to admit.  And it’s for that reason (and the fact that I got a free ticket) that I chose to take this chance to learn a little more about my greek brothers and sisters.

This festival is going on all day today and tomorrow.  The hours for today are 10:30am to 9pm and tomorrow they’re open from 10:30am ’til 7pm.  Rather than giving you a review on the event and then making you wait an entire year to actually attend, (strawberry festival/cajun festival) I’ve decided to give you a few highlights and hopefully encourage you to check it out this weekend.

The Ventura Greek Festival is held at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Camarillo.  The price of admission is $4 but if you bring the coupon from their website, it says that you’ll get $2 off the price of your ticket.  Either way, it’s a dirt cheap price to pay for a festival.  As usual for these events, kids get in for free.  In this case that includes all non-teenagers (12 & under).


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Ruth’s Chris and St. Supery Wines

by Brian

Few things in this world have as much power to bring happiness as good food, fine wine and great friends.  When all three happen to converge on a single night, the results have been known to cause withdrawal in all but the most stoic of our species.  I have been hesitant to write this review for the fear that I cannot possibly be eloquent enough to do it justice.  Still, we soldier on… Continue reading


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