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Spencer Makenzie’s Great Fish Taco

by Mikey

I have had a lot of fish tacos in my time.  The taco I had at Spencer Makenzie’s made all those other tacos seem like nasty ass tuna tacos from a frozen multipack at your local grocery store.  This taco made me feel like I was in Hawaii drinking one of those umbrella drinks, lying in a hammock, while the Hawaiian Tropic girls fanned me with 100 dollar bills. It was that good.

Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company – Downtown Ventura off Thompson


This place is not much to look at from the outside.  It definitely does not look like it houses great food.  Inside it’s more like a little diner or an indoor taco stand.  They have a great bunch of people working there.  People who actually know the products and can give you some great inside info on their food. Continue reading


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Snapper Jacks Taco Shack

by Mikey

With a great name like that, I don’t need to even try to spice it up. Snapper Jack’s was created by a local Ventura man and his wife and yep, his name is even Jack. It opened back in 2000 and I’ve been there a few times. They even have a new location in Camarillo. The one thing I had never had though, was any of their snapper. So here we go with Snapper Jacks Taco Shack.

Continue reading


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Cabo Beach Grill and Sammy Hagar

by Mikey

I’ve eaten in Cabo San Lucas before I’m not sure I’d use them as a reference for a restaurant.  Most of the food there is ok, but not great.  I ate at some local joints, as well as some touristy spots like Sammy Hagar’s joint.  I was curious if this place actually had that touristy, beach-type food or if it was just a name.  I always like seeing the word fresh.  I enjoy testing it out.

By the way, as far as eating in Mexico, stay away from the touristy stuff.  They over-charge you and give you the El Torito type stuff.  Venture out and find the good spots.  I hit up this little taco stand in Puerto Vallarta that had shrimp tacos for a buck a piece, plus Coronas for the same.  They not only gave you platters of shrimp tacos, but they set you up a table with an umbrella right on the beach.  If you ever go on one of those vacation cruises and you get to the port of Puerto, find the nearest cab and have them take you down to the left a few miles, to the beach at the base of the hotel.  It sounds odd now, but it will become clear when your there.  You’ll be away from most of the people and snacking on great shrimp tacos and coronas.  Plus, you can enjoy it more when the old people try and sell you silver, bottles with your name on rice and hemp chairs.  Anyway, on to the review… Continue reading


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Getting some tongue on foothill blvd.

by Brian

Last night I set off looking for fortune.  I went to the ATM, took out a couple Hamiltons (Benjamins are so 2008), and headed for Lake View Terrace and my friend Alex’s weekly poker game.

I arrived expecting to throw some bucks down on pizza or whatever delivery we could score, but Alex had another idea altogether.  We got to talking about EatMeCalifornia and Alex let me know that nearby Sylmar had more taco trucks per capita than UCLA has asian people.

Well it doesn’t take much to get my interest, so we all piled into Alex’s car and headed down foothill looking for our fix.  We eventually found it in Tacos El Gordo. Continue reading


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Brian is a man of the people.

by Brian

Note: The eating for this post was actually done the day before the Orochon Ramen challenge.  But since my pain and misery is more entertaining in general, this got pushed back by a day.

Taco trucks are an L.A. tradition.  Kinda like hot dog carts in New York.  I’m not talking about your average “roach coach” greasy, almost inedible food.  I’m describing a traditional mexican restaurant on wheels.  Most of your good taco trucks don’t even move very often.  This particular one, that I will be reviewing in a moment, has two locations that it splits the day between.

My buddy Adam is the one who tipped me off about Mariscos del Mar.  He was doing research for a school project on taco trucks and came across this one.  If you know spanish, then you can probably figure out that this taco truck specializes in seafood tacos.  If you don’t know spanish, then just read the last sentence.  And then look at the pretty pictures. Continue reading

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Tacos and Road Rage!

by Brian

It’s not everyday that you get to witness attempted vehicular manslaughter, but that is exactly what I got to see today standing outside the most ghetto authentic Mexican restaurant in Simi Valley.  From what I could tell, this crazy lady was attempting to run down her male acquaintance right in front of me.  She even went after him, screaming out the window the whole time, when he crossed the street into another shopping center.  I am kicking myself for not getting to my camera faster, but here’s a pic of her BACKING INTO the shopping center to stalk her prey.

I wish I had video of this.

I wish I had video of this.

Anyway, next time I see an attempted crime in progress, I’ll try to do a better job of playing the paparazzi.  On to the review: Continue reading


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Is it really chicken?

by Mikey

I want you guys out there to understand how much I love you. You need to comprehend the level I would go to in order to make sure your taste buds, stomachs and bowels are kept safe. I took a bullet for you today, a bullet I feel I will be paying for at least another few hours and maybe even into the early morning.

I was out getting a few parts for my busted sink and started to get pretty hungry, I still have many local restaurants on my list to review, but didn’t really have the time, so I found myself in that place we all find ourselves in on the road.  Yes, my friends, I needed fast food. Continue reading

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