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Shows that make you wanna eat

by Mikey

I am taking a day off from throwing another food joint at you to go over something that I realized while watching the Sopranos. If any of you have ever watched the show, you know that Carmella spends half the show in the kitchen whipping up Italian dishes.  Along with her you have Artie cooking all the time and most of the cast is usually eating or drinking.  As I’m watching I look down and realize I’m eating the lasagna I just made the night before.  Everytime I watch this show I want to eat something.  They have such great food on the show that it actually drives something in my brain to eat.  I guess that’s better than the other vices on the show.  I haven’t started threatening the locals for protection money or working out of a strip club.  Though the latter has some appeal.

The top of my list is probably the Sopranos.  What else hits that impulse in your brain?


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Camarillo’s Sumo Sushi

by Mikey

Sumo seems to be a popular name for Sushi places. I found that the Sumo in Camarillo and the Sumo in Ventura are completely separate joints. Which pretty much means there is a good Sumo and a bad Sumo. Unfortunately for Camarillo they have the bad Sumo.

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