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Busy Bee Café with Gravy and even more Gravy

by Mikey

I thought it might be fun to hit up the Busy Bee Café in Ventura, down in the older part of town, off of Main St.  They have been a staple of the community and a tourist hot spot for a very long time.  Busy Bee is modeled after a 1950’s diner and tries and keep their food similar to that era.  They are all about hamburgers, shakes, pie, and blue plate specials.

Busy Bee Café – Ventura Main St in Old Town Ventura


This part of Ventura is actually loaded with places to eat, so B and I will be picking them off, one by one.  I chose this one because I had been there a few times many years ago and I remember enjoying the burgers, shakes, and the waitresses in little cheerleader outfits awesome jukebox. Continue reading


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Yeah so I went to a chain restaurant. Wanna fight about it?

by Mikey

My son, being the brainiac he is, won an award at his school for all-around academics, finally justifying the, “My son will buy and sell your honor student”, bumper sticker I have on my car.  They gave him a nifty certificate and a free dinner at Red Robin in the Pacific View Mall.  Naturally I took this chance to review Red Robin; a place I wouldn’t normally go into, not because I’m fighting the man and his industry but because to me it’s always been an overrated burger joint.  I gotta say I was very pleasantly surprised.

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