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‘Nardfest ’09 aka. California Strawberry Festival

by Brian

Did you know that there are like 80 billion festivals in California every year?  Enough festivals to have one per person, per day, for about a century.  But what makes the California Strawberry Festival so special that EatMeCalifornia would do a whole post on it?  Not much, really.  Mikey and I just needed to get out.  Plus, I was upset that Mikey didn’t take me antiquing on the way home from SF last weekend.

California Strawberry Festival – In an undisclosed location near the University of Oxnard (Oxnard College)

(not as gay as it seems, yet still relatively gay)

(not as gay as it seems, yet still relatively gay)

As always, when considering an event Mikey and I ask one small but crucial question.  Will there be booze?  The answer in this case is a resounding YES.  They had strawberry beer, (which was quite nice) strawberry margaritas, strawberry wine, strawberry champagne and a whole lot of other stuff.  I would tell you about all of it, but I don’t wanna sound like that retard from Forrest Gump.  That guy was retarded, right?

Anyway… Booze?  Check.  Food?  Oh hells yeah!  Here are a couple of the delicacies that we sampled on this fine Oxnardian day: Continue reading


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Yeah so I went to a chain restaurant. Wanna fight about it?

by Mikey

My son, being the brainiac he is, won an award at his school for all-around academics, finally justifying the, “My son will buy and sell your honor student”, bumper sticker I have on my car.  They gave him a nifty certificate and a free dinner at Red Robin in the Pacific View Mall.  Naturally I took this chance to review Red Robin; a place I wouldn’t normally go into, not because I’m fighting the man and his industry but because to me it’s always been an overrated burger joint.  I gotta say I was very pleasantly surprised.

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