Getting my fish on at Lure Fish House

Half of EMC headed out to Camarillo for some seafood and he brought his mom along to get in on some extra food and because that way I don’t look so lonely eating at places by myself so much.  Now I know what you’re thinking. “Mikey you have a mother? You’re telling us you weren’t hatched in some government lab? “

Yep it’s true.  I have a mom and she’s the best mom in the whole entire world.  Now I know you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah she might be great but my mom’s way better.”

I’m sorry to break down your walls of illusion but all mothers pale in comparison to mine.  Not only is she the best mom since the dawn of man, but she is also a great person to bring along for a great fish dinner.  We originally wanted to hit up a new Mexican joint down on Ventura Blvd, but it was closed so she suggested Lures after having been there a few weeks ago.

Lure Fishhouse – Camarillo

Lure is your top of the line modern seafood restaurant.  It’s got that steakhouse Outback, Wood Ranch kinda feel except with fish.  It’s a huge place so it is perfect for your big party get-togethers, but a little more difficult for one on one dinners. Being that it’s large and open, its hard to hear who you are talking to and you pretty much hear everyone around you.  Very clean, very modern, and very open.

The staff are all very nice without being too Disney and our waiter was very customer service oriented. He was ready and willing to answer questions which with my mom is a must ’cause she has more questions than Trivial Pursuit (the deluxe edition that comes with 5 thousand more questions). The menu is simple and has plenty of dishes. There is a great variety of appetizers and entrees. They even list dishes that show which meals use fish that were not farmed or caught in mass fishery nets run by the man.

They also cook with some of our local fish caught right here in Ventura waters. They have a few entrees using our local rock cod which I think I’ll try next time.  Having caught it and cooked it myself, I’d love to see if it’s better than mine.

My mom ordered the trout almandine, sweet potato fries, and grilled vegetables.  I went with the Mahi mahi, parmesan potato cake, and grilled asparagus.  The avg meal at Lure is approximately $17.99.  A little pricey, but as fish goes they are right in there with the higher scale fish joints.

The mahi was excellent.  It was very moist and tender.  The parmesan cake was a bit on the salty side in my opinion, but I don’t like very much salt in my food.  The grilled vegetables and the asparagus are as advertised.  You’re not going to have anything added to them so you’re getting exactly what you ordered.  My asparagus was probably washed, tossed on the grill and served up.  Is this a bad thing?   Not in the least.  For anyone who loves vegetables, you’re going to love it because your veggies will come out just as the good lord intended.  For Mikey?  Well my friends, I need seasoning.  I’m not a huge veggie guy.  I’m one of those people you have to hide the fact I’m eating veggies from.  I want seasoning, cheese, gravy, sauce, pepper, ketchup, anything to make it taste like something else.  For you guys, however, I always eat my vegetables ’cause you guys wanna know if they are good.  Lure’s will make you veggie lovers happy.  Their sweet potato fries are also pretty good, but I always like when they have a little mango, peach, or pineapple sauce to dip them in.  But that’s just me.

They have some great bread which you can definitely find yourself eating too much of.  They are great little sourdough rolls, and I obviously ate way too many.  All in all, it was a great dinner.  The portions are a good size and my mom’s almandine trout came clean off the skin with an amazing crust.

My mom had tried the clam chowder on a separate visit and said that it had been a little sandy but that was really the only negative.  The overall buzz at Lure has been very positive and my experience just added to it.  It’s a great place to take mom to get back on the list as number one son.  Sorry Alex and Garrett, you are only a distant memory now.  I’m back on top and I think she even said, “Thanks Mike that was delicious, maybe next time will bring your brother what’s his name and that other kid who’s been hanging around the house the last twenty years.”

Give Lure Fish House a shot guys, and tell me what you think out there.  Also we need more fish on the site, so send us some more places to try.

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  1. Mark J

    Nice review, I am glad you did it as I went in on a date and it was really good. I have been back twice and will return again.

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