Happy Labor Day from EMC!

by Mikey

Hey everyone just wanted to wish you all a happy labor day. The day we celebrate working by not working. B and I are still workin our way around California to find you some really good eating spots, however today we are joining the rest of you in doing whatever it is you do on the last long weekend of summer.

Let’s raise our glass or bottle and thank the people out there who do those jobs that nobody else wants to do but need to be done. I present to you EMC’s first annual I’m glad somebody else does it top 10 list:

Number 10: The guys in apartment communities that dig through the dumpsters for recycled and un-recycled treasure. I apologize for the cat poop I put with the last bag of cans I had no extra baggies to put it in.

Number 9: The Hobo’s in the Ventura river bed. Out there keeping the seagulls company and keeping the riverbed warm at night.

Number 8: That guy at Jack and the Box that gave me a chicken salad instead of my sourdough chicken club and making sure to cover it with lots of napkins so that it would be a surprise just for me when I got home.

Number 7: The guy who tastes the food for evil dictators. Talk about pressure.

Number 6: The guy who had to edit any Mariah Carrey movie.

Number 5: The person who has to clean the rest room in any gas station.

Number 4: Your neighbor who likes to say, “How about this heat?” to everyone who passes them.

Number 3: Anyone involved in the crime scene clean up for Jeffrey Dahmer.

Number 2: Anyone who does clean up at a zoo. Who in there right mind wants to clean up 80lbs of elephant crap when its 90 degrees out. Don’t even get me started on the monkeys. Sure its fun throwin poop but cleaning it up is a whole other story.

Number 1: Last but not least to the mentally unstable homeless guy who stands outside the Vons shopping center with the huge stuffed snake. If you’re going to be homeless might as well live it up with a giant plush snake. Thanks for letting me know to vote for Jimmy Carter this year. You have my vote.

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  1. Liz

    OMG! F’ing hilarious!

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