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The Final 3 on Hells Kitchen

by Mikey

We are nearing the finale and thank goodness.  This has been a rough season to watch.  I think Gordon may have to do a Hells Kitchen from somewhere else and find a new talent pool.  This whole season I’ve been comparing these guys to the Top chef contestants and maybe that’s my mistake.  Maybe they really want that whole rags to riches thing to happen.


We start off from last week waiting for whatever surprise Gordon has for them.  Again, I was hoping it would be Rampage Jackson blasting out of the kitchen to fight the last 3 finalists, but instead it was just their families coming out to hug and cry with them.  This isn’t the kind of crying I like.  I want down home, American, why are you all rejecting me, I’m breaking down emotionally kind of crying. Continue reading

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