It’s good to know your Neighborhood

by Brian

In the month that I’ve been living in San Diego, I’ve had the privilege of eating at some awesome places.  One place, however, has risen above the rest and now qualifies as my home base.  That place, my friends, is the Neighborhood.

Neighborhood is a bar, first and foremost.  They are actually the closest thing to Father’s Office that San Diego can offer.  They have a great selection of craft brews and Belgian ales, and a nice wine list as well.  Recently they have also introduced hard liquor to the bar, in the form of two specialty cocktails which I have yet to try.  All I know is that one of the drinks is made with Hendrick’s Gin, which is really all anyone needs to know in assessing quality.  Here is a picture of my favorite part of the Neighborhood:


As I said before, they have a pretty impressive beer selection.  They also have a happy hour from 4-7 during the week, and during that happy hour all San Diego beers are 2 for 1.  I’ve never seen a 2 for 1 happy hour with drinks before, and I’m not even sure if it’s legal, but I like where they’re going with the idea.  The last thing I will say about the beer menu is that it changes frequently.  If you’re looking to get your normal Stella or Newcastle, then this is not the place for you.  However, if you are looking to experiment with a few amazing IPAs, then I highly recommend them.  Like Father’s Office, the service staff is very knowledgeable about their beers and are always willing to let you have a little taste before you commit.

The food at Neighborhood is hit and miss.  They do a really good impression of the Father’s Office burger, with one element that is even better than the original.  The roll that they serve the burger on is phenomenal.  It holds up way better than the roll that FO gives you.  Of course, I think the beef quality and surreal flavor of the FO burger trump anything that Neighborhood puts out.  Still, I find it to be a more than adequate replacement for the FO burger, especially because I’m about 3 hours away from Santa Monica.  All of the ingredients in the Neighborhood burger are fresh and delicious, and I highly recommend it to anyone living down here in San Diego.

photo 4

If you’re going to the Neighborhood to watch a game, you’re also likely to be disappointed.  This is a lounge-type bar where you can talk with your friends and listen to some relaxing music.  They do have a TV, but the volume is all the way down and it’s in a location that is not really accessible to the majority of the bar.

photo 2

The rest of the menu features an eclectic mix of salads burgers and bar food.  I’ve had the jalapeno mac and cheese, which was fair, and the chorizo corn dogs, which were fantastic.  The sweet potato fries are also not to be missed (although, I wish they were a little crispier).  Overall, this is a modern, classy bar, with a fantastic beer selection and a well executed menu.  When you’re in the East Village, or even down in the Gaslamp, it’s definitely worth the trip.  Enjoy!

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  1. shawnessy

    I’ll have to check this place out. How sad that I haven’t heard of it! I love exploring the world of dark beers. Hope school is going well!

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