Man Vs Food – San Francisco

by Mikey

Adam takes on the 2 gallon sundae and some other great food in San Francisco. From the Mission District to Walnut Creek Adam searches out some of the best food SF has to offer. I’ve been to SF many times and have never hit any of these places but that’s gonna change cause I want to eat at all of the places he went to.

San Francisco

The first stop on Adam’s list was the Taqueria La Cumbre. At TLC they have the 2lb Mission Burrito. TLC claims to have started the original mission style burrito and it looks absolutely fantastic. Adam gets the carne asada, and chicken burrito and it looks great. Filled with meat, cheese, and pico it looks exactly like one of the burritos I need to take down on my way to shooting for the B3 in Vegas.








The next stop is Ikes Place for some sandwiches. This place looks phenomenal. The sandwiches the people were eating looked so damn good. Adam gets this monster sandwich called the Kryptonite. It weighs in at 4lbs and has 13 ingredients. They use this secret sauce called, “dirty sauce”, and bake it right into the bread. Then it’s covered in avocado, roast beef, turkey, pepperoni, jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, pepper jack cheese and more. The thing was a beast. They are definitely on the list of places to eat.







The challenge was at the San Francisco Creamery. There Adam takes on the Kitchen Sink Sundae. 8 scoops of ice cream, 4 bananas, hot fudge, sprinkles, almonds, and 8 servings of whip cream. It is a 2 gallon sundae. Only 4 people have managed to eat this thing and if you can you get your picture on the wall and free ice cream for a year. These aren’t normal Baskin Robin scoops either. The scoops they hand out are huge.








Adam has to eat the sundae in an hour including everything in the sink and the drip tray below. As usual he starts off with no issues and doesn’t seem to have any problems until he reaches the last quarter of the sundae. He requests some French fries to try and equal out the sweetness and it seems to help him finish out the sink. Then the owner reminds him he has to clear out the tray too. Adam gives a great quote. “I forgot about the %&^# tray.”

Adam still manages to finish it off as I kinda figured he would. Me personally I can’t take down that much ice cream. Way too much dairy and the amount of sugar would instantly secure me with diabetes. Just watching it I had to consider getting some insulin. Not a challenge I’d go after. Adam handles it in 45 minutes.

For food this was a great episode. For entertainment it was a bit short. They do this horrible 60’s montage right before the ice cream and it was painful to watch. He’s much better making jokes as he goes along rather then putting together skits.

The show definitely made me want to take a trip to SF just for Ikes alone. I gotta get me one of those sandwiches. You can eat them and use them to beat off someone trying to steal your wallet.


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6 responses to “Man Vs Food – San Francisco

  1. as always this post was so entertaining! i love SF and i love eating and i love your blog!

  2. paulakw

    San Fran is my favorite place on the planet!!
    The ice cream sundae is one of the challenges that we find just ridiculous . (What’s the real point?)

  3. chronrdr2

    The %&^# tray should not have to be part of the ice cream sundae challenge. The fact that Adam (or anyone) made it that far is a success.

  4. shaishai11

    were did you eat the bucket of ice cream at? because i really want to go and try and eat it

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