Yo Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt

by Mikey

Time for a desert break.  Hit this great frozen yogurt place in Huntington Beach.  It’s as rich as ice cream and the service is outstanding.  You scream, I scream, we all, um… want frozen yogurt and stuff.

Yo Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt – Huntington Beach, Brookhurst St

Just a real quick one tonight cause frozen yogurt is not all that involved.  Let’s hit the main points of frozen yogurt.


The service at Yo Yum  is excellent because it’s you serving you.  You get the flavors you want.  You put it in the cup.  You put your toppings on.  If you’re going too slow, you can yell at yourself.  If the guy in front of you is going too slow, you can ask him who he’s trying to sneak up on.  Once you get the yogurt and toppings you head to the cashier, they weigh it, charge you, and send you on your chocolate sprinkly way.

I went for the peanut butter and the vanilla wafer flavors and both were outstanding.  The PB was creamy and not chalky at all.  The ‘nilla wafer tasted just like nilla wafers.  They have around 6-8 flavors, ranging from mango to my vanilla wafer.  They change them out to so you never know what they’re going to have.  Who knows, maybe Newcastle flavor isn’t too far off.

They have all the great toppings they are supposed to. Real fruit, sprinkles, candy, cookies, the works. I went for the reeses and the sprinkles cause that’s just what I do.  To me, fruit is for pie.

The place is pretty nice too.  It has lots of space and plenty of places to sit.  I sat outside breathed the clean HB air and watched the HB police chase away the homeless and lower middle class.  It was a great day.

I would definitely add this place to your list of dessert spots.  It’s getting harder to find great yogurt at a reasonable price.  I got my whole set-up for 4 bucks and I got quite a bit.  Usually you get some kid in back thinking you want like 6 chocolate chips and 13 sprinkles.  This way you get to pile it on and enjoy.  It’s places like this that make you glad you don’t live in Mucho Nada, New Mexico.

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