Dominick’s Italian Restaurant

by Mikey

B and I wanted to get in on some Italian food so we headed to Dominick’s in Oxnard.  They have been in business for quite a long time and have always been a great place to take the family for some great Italian food.  After what has seemed like weeks of BBQ, Mexican, and Sushi I was definitely looking forward to it.

Dominick’s – Oxnard off of Oxnard Blvd

Dom’s is one of those places that you have to keep a sharp eye out for.  They are right up against Oxnard Blvd and have no front parking.  You need to take a side street and attack it from the rear.  It’s a good sized place.  It’s just got horrible parking. You almost feel like you’re parking to make a drug deal.  You park where you can, even if it’s next to a dumpster or light pole.  I’ve been to Dom’s a few times now and never had any issues, but then again I always seem to go in the daytime before the chupacabras come out to play.  I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.  It’s also just a block from Wins, which is a great place for Tacos.

Everyone is really nice, from server, to busser, to management, they treat you like you’re back at home, minus the chonies on the lamp shade and the loud neighbor who only plays Motley Crue songs.  Like I said before, the place is pretty big and they can easily cater to large parties.

They give you fresh bread when you sit down and get you any drinks or appetizers very quickly.  The only bad part about their seating is that all the windows give you a fantastic view of the fabulous Oxnard Blvd.  Unless you like traffic, train tracks and sides of buildings, there is no pressing need to rush to get a window seat.

B went with the Chicken parm with minestrone soup and I went with the Manicotti with a side of meatballs thrown on top. We also ordered fried zucchini to get a feel for their appetizers.

There is some missing cause I couldn't wait for a photo session

There is some missing 'cause I couldn't wait for a photo session

The zucchini came up pretty quickly, which is usually fairly suspicious, but it was actually really good.  It was nice sized wedges of zucchini, lightly breaded and deep fried.  The coating was crispy and the zucchini was very good.  Brian got his soup pretty quickly too and you could tell right away it was very hearty with lots of vegetables.

photo 4

Shortly after the zucchini came dinner and it looked fantastic.  Brian enjoyed both pasta and meat sauce and the chicken parm, though he said the batter was a bit soggy.  This was at the start so it was not sitting long enough to really blame the sauce.  The chicken he said, however, was very good.  He said a lot of other things about it too, but since I didn’t have a dictionary with me to look up half the words he uses, I just went with well prepared and very good.

photo 2

The manicotti was outstanding.  The ricotta cheese is thick and rich and goes amazingly with their tomato sauce.  The pasta was cooked perfectly and I definitely had the winning dish of the two.  The meatballs were delicious, but I’m still on the search for the perfect tasting meatball.  These were high on my list though.  I would definitely recommend this dish to any Dominick new arrivals.  I even took some home and it was just as good heated as it was when it was served.  The garlic, tomato, mozzarella and the ricotta all made for a perfect tasting manicotti.

photo 3

We even grabbed a canole which was also fantastic, with flaky crust and a very rich filling.

If I were you, I would definitely take a swing by Oxnard and pay them a visit.  The food is great, the people are really friendly, and it truly kicks any Olive Garden right in the jejunum.


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4 responses to “Dominick’s Italian Restaurant

  1. I’m definitely going to have to check this out next time I’m in the ‘nard!

  2. Mel

    Great review! As a longtime employee of the fabulous Dommie’s, I can vouch for it being a hidden treasure on the lovely Oxnard Blvd (we call those window seats “the ocean view”) and an all-around friendly and well-run place full of fun and welcoming people. And those chupacabras in the parking lot will let you sprint on your merry way through the Back Alley O’ Doom if you slip them some cheesecake on your way out 😉

  3. Liz

    I’m hungry now. That food looks delicious! The fried zucchini looks excellent and I’m thinking that you could take a swim in that gravy boat of ranch dressing! Mmmmm….ranch dressing! Too bad it would be a very long drive for me to Oxnard! Lol

  4. Mark Chapman

    I can’t believe Dominicks is still around. I’m 65 and I used to go there when I was 10. Still remember the hand tossed pizzas where the best. Wonder if they still have all the chianti bottles hanging on the walls?

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