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Uniquely Thai

by Mikey

I had a movie to get to, so I had to find something nearby and something quick.  I had about 30 minutes to work with, so I decided to hit this little Thai joint that is right next to the theater.  On the outside of the building it says Thai To Go, but the lady running the place told me its actually called Uniquely Thai, so we will go with that.  It’s a really little place that seats 10 at the most, but they are attached to a food court so there is plenty of seating around it.  I was hoping for a quick hearty meal.  What I got was…….

Uniquely Thai – Off of Johnson next to Century 16 Theaters

My first impression of this place is that it’s under new ownership.  Most of what they have on the menu is pictured on the wall and they offer as much help as a hobo with schizophrenia when trying to find out what’s good.  I asked 3 different times what would be good and all I got was a vacant stare.  It was kinda like asking a Zebra how it got its stripes.  Basically the Zebra will look at you and acknowledge your existence, but he ain’t givin up anything.










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